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From Microbiology to Career Counselling: A Working Mom’s Career Revival With Setmycareer

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Published by Sreya Madanan on 19 April 2024

A working mom shares her inspiring journey from teaching microbiology to finding fulfillment in career counselling after guidance from SetMyCareer's experts.

Working professionals

Juggling career and family is one of the biggest challenges working mothers face. The constant tug-of-war between professional aspirations and parental responsibilities can often leave women feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and questioning their choices.

ociety celebrates the notion of "having it all", but the reality is far more complex. Many mothers find themselves stuck in roles that no longer align with their values, interests, or life priorities after having children.

What began as a promising career path can quickly feel like a constraining loop of monotony and compromise. Even multiple studies concur to this.

The stakes are high when it comes to career satisfaction. An unfulfilling job can impact mental health, personal relationships, and overall well-being. Yet, the prospect of making a career change or returning to work after an extended Career Break is daunting, filled with self-doubt and uncertainty.

This is where the guidance of an experienced Career Counsellor for Professionals can be invaluable. By providing personalized assessments, expert advice, and a supportive sounding board, counsellors can help working mothers navigate the complexities of their unique situations and rediscover their true callings.

The following case study illustrates one woman's transformative journey from the world of microbiology to the deeply gratifying realm of career counselling itself – a path that was illuminated by the professionals at SetMyCareer.

An Inspiring Case Study

“I started my career journey as a microbiologist, teaching the subject I was so passionate about in college. However, things changed after my daughter was born. Seeking more flexibility, I ventured into sales with an international Hong Kong-based company specializing in child education products.

This role allowed me to interact with numerous parents regularly, which I thoroughly enjoyed. With over 8-10 years of sales experience under my belt, I eventually transitioned to HR recruiting. While both sales and HR appealed to my love for interacting with people, I couldn't shake the feeling that something significant was missing.

I found myself searching for a sense of purpose and deeper satisfaction in life. That's when I came across SetMyCareer and decided to schedule a Career Counselling session with Dr. Nandkishore Rathi. After our initial discussion, I dived into their Psychometric career assessments.

These tests provided invaluable insights into my personality, interests, and natural inclinations. Suddenly, I had a clear understanding of who I was as an individual, what I genuinely enjoyed doing, and which tasks came effortlessly to me. To my surprise, the results revealed a deep-rooted passion for fields like career counselling.

Serendipitously, SetMyCareer happened to be a career counselling firm, presenting me with the perfect opportunity to explore this newfound calling. As I began working with them, I knew instantly that I had found my true calling. My role allows me to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds, cultures, mindsets, and passions daily. This continuous interaction fuels my drive, and I intend to continue on this path for as long as possible.

Career counselling and helping others have become my driving forces. I'm even currently studying psychology to deepen my understanding and enhance my ability to guide others effectively. This journey has been incredibly fulfilling, and I owe it all to the insights and guidance provided by SetMyCareer.”

How Career Counselling Can Help Working Mothers

  • Identify True Passions: Career counselling can help working mothers figure out their interests, values, and what truly motivates them, allowing for more fulfilling career choices.
  • Explore Flexible Options: With the need for work-life balance, counsellors can suggest careers or roles that offer flexibility, remote work, or non-traditional schedules.
  • Build Confidence: Returning to work after a break can be daunting. Counselling boosts confidence by highlighting transferable skills and strengths.
  • Manage Transitions: Whether re-entering the workforce, changing fields, or starting a business, counsellors provide guidance for smooth career transitions.
  • Assess Skills Gap: Counsellors can identify any skills gaps and recommend upskilling opportunities to remain competitive and marketable.
  • Develop Career Plans: By understanding goals and aspirations, counsellors can create actionable career plans aligned with personal and professional fulfillment.


For any working mother feeling dissatisfied, stagnant, or simply uncertain about their career trajectory, the value of professional career counselling cannot be overstated. It provides a structured framework to explore one's authentic interests, redefine goals, and ultimately pave the way toward a more purposeful and rewarding Career Path.

Rather than allowing self-doubt or complacency to take hold, the wise choice is to invest in oneself and embrace the power of change. Need some more courage? Our experts at SetMyCareer are here to help!

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