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Restarting Career After Break

Breaks are common in every walk of life and career is not an exception. Millions of people, worldwide, have created a big impact in the second inning of their career. The reasons for break among men and women might be different, however, the challenges are the same. You must utilize this opportunity to introspect on your educational background and past experience with a new perspective on ‘who am I’ and ‘what career is right for me’. Get yourself analyzed and discussed with our expert to begin with high confidence and commitment this time. Don’t allow random opinions and petty conveniences dictate your valuable career story.

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Career Break
Let's Build a Successful Comeback

Overcoming Challenges in Restarting Your Career

Outdated Skills and Knowledge

Professionals may need to update their skills and knowledge that have become outdated during the break to stay competitive in the evolving job market.

Confidence and Self-Doubt

Taking a long break can lead to a loss of confidence and feelings of self-doubt. Professionals may question their abilities and worry about gaps in their experience.

Balancing Work-Life and Maternity Break

For those who have taken a maternity break, balancing work and family responsibilities becomes a challenge. Finding flexible work arrangements and supportive employers becomes crucial

Reentering a Changed Job Market

Professionals face the challenge of adapting to evolving job requirements, technologies, and hiring practices. Navigating the reentry process and aligning skills and experience with the current market can be a significant pain point

Restart Right and Shine Bright

Guiding You Through a Successful Career Restart After a Break


Online Career Guidance services are designed to support individuals who are looking to restart their careers after a break. We provide personalized assistance to help you navigate the process and make informed decisions. Our experienced career coaches will work with you to assess your skills, interests, and goals, and provide guidance on suitable career options. We offer resume and profile optimization to effectively showcase your experience and address any career gaps. Additionally, we provide support in networking, job searching, and interview preparation, equipping you with the tools and strategies to succeed. With our ongoing support and mentorship, we aim to empower you to restart your career with confidence and achieve your desired professional goals.

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How we do it

Map Your Career Journey in 3 Simple Steps

STEP - 1

Career Tests & Reports
You can complete your online career tests at the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your time. You can also Immediately download your Career Reports and understand the same through the explainer videos by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi.

STEP - 2

Reports Analysis & Discussion
Our career counsellor will analyse your data, understand your profile and get ready for the live interaction. The career counsellor will explain your report, clear doubts and answer questions relating to your career.

STEP - 3

Career Options & Recommendations
Discuss and finalize the blueprint of your career path which explains - the right decisions & strategy to getting you restarted on your career in the right way at the right place. Includes highlighting suitable domains or industries that would complement your skills and qualifications which brings you happiness followed by success in your career journey.
Plans & Pricing

Ideal Career Plans for Every Ambitious Individual

Book a 30-min Consultation With Our Expert

Our expert career advisors will assess your current standing and guide you towards the next steps, empowering you to plan your career strategically and turn your dreams and aspirations into reality.

650.00/ Executive

Career Leadership

for right industry & role

6,900/ Executive

1 Counselling Session
60-min Duration
2 Psychometric Assessments
2 Career Reports
Career Path Recommendations
1 Follow-up Call
Detailed Report Interpretation
Session(s) With Dr. Rathi

Career Leadership

for right industry, role & long-term career

8,900/ Executive

2 Counselling Sessions
60-min Duration x 2 Sessions
3 Psychometric Assessments
3 Career Reports
Career Path Recommendations
1 Follow-up Call
Detailed Report Interpretation
Session(s) With Dr. Rathi

Career Leadership

for right industry, role & long-term career

12,900/ Executive

2 Counselling Sessions
60-min Duration x 2 Sessions
3 Psychometric Assessments
3 Career Reports
Career Path Recommendations
1 Follow-up Call
Detailed Report Interpretation
Session(s) With Dr. Rathi
Our Psychometric Assessments

Get Your True Potential Measured Scientifically

Career Assessments are vital for guiding educational and career choices, helping individuals identify a lot of insights about themselves. Accurate results are crucial to prevent misguided decisions, ensuring assessments are well-designed, standardized, and regularly updated.

Proper administration and interpretation by qualified professionals are key to mitigate biases and errors. In essence, accurate psychometric assessments empower individuals to make informed decisions, aligning their interests, personality and abilities with their educational and career goals for greater success and satisfaction.

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Avoid Setbacks & Thrive in Your Career Comeback

3 Major Points to Avoid While Deciding Your Career Restart

When restarting your career after a break, it's crucial to avoid rushing into decisions without thorough consideration. Take time to assess goals, skills, and research the job market. Don't neglect skill development as it is essential for competitiveness. Build and maintain a strong professional network, engaging with industry peers and seeking guidance from mentors. Avoid isolating yourself and leverage the power of networking and support throughout your career restart journey.

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Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize Success

Why Career Guidance is Essential for Restarting Your Career?

Restarting a career without proper Career Guidance can lead to consequences such as lack of clarity in goals and direction, misalignment of skills and opportunities, limited networking and support, missed growth opportunities, increased time and effort in job search, and a lack of confidence and self-doubt. Seeking career guidance is crucial to mitigate these consequences, as it provides clarity, aligns skills with market demands, expands networks, identifies growth opportunities, and boosts confidence throughout the career restart journey.

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We are here to address your concerns and provide comprehensive answers and guidance tailored to your specific situation. Whether you need assistance in updating your skills, bridging the employment gap, exploring new industries, or finding work-life balance, our dedicated team is committed to supporting you throughout your career journey. Trust us to provide the resources and expertise needed to navigate through the uncertainties and successfully relaunch your career.

Explore More FAQs

Restarting your career after a break requires careful planning. Start by assessing your skills, updating your resume, and networking. Consider taking up additional training or courses to bridge any knowledge gaps. Utilize online platforms and professional networks to showcase your skills and engage in networking opportunities. Additionally, consider part-time or volunteer work to gain recent experience and boost your confidence.

While a career break may raise questions during the hiring process, it does not have to be a hindrance. Many employers recognize that individuals take breaks for various reasons and value the skills and experiences gained during that time. Emphasize the transferable skills acquired during your career break, such as communication, problem-solving, or project management. Be prepared to address the break honestly during interviews and highlight how you have kept yourself updated in your field during the break.

When explaining a career break in your resume and cover letter, focus on the skills and experiences you gained during that period. Highlight any relevant volunteering, freelancing, or personal projects that demonstrate your commitment to professional growth. Explain the reason for your career break briefly but positively, emphasizing your readiness to reenter the workforce and your enthusiasm for the role you are applying for.

A career break can be an opportunity to reassess your goals and consider a career change if desired. Reflect on your interests, values, and strengths to determine if your previous career path is still the right fit. Research industries and roles that align with your new aspirations and consider any necessary training or education to facilitate the transition. Networking with professionals in your desired field can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Rebuilding your professional network is crucial for career restart. Begin by reconnecting with former colleagues, mentors, and industry contacts. Attend networking events, industry conferences, and join professional associations relevant to your field. Utilize online platforms like LinkedIn to expand your network and engage in meaningful conversations. Offer to help others and be proactive in seeking opportunities for collaboration and professional development.