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The Best Career Counselling Website in India

Let’s truly understand the importance of what parameters need to be considered to pick the right career options for your future. This decision shouldn't be just about jobs – it rather should be about your happiness, success and fitment. Being in the market for 14+ years as the best rated career counselling company in India, we know it's not just about what you think or what others say; it's a blend of many things that form a successful career.

At SetMyCareer, we take immense pride in standing out as one of the best career counselling websites in India. Our commitment to providing the best career counselling sets us apart from the rest. Unlike typical career counselling companies in India, we focus on a holistic approach that goes beyond surface-level advice.

Our personalized guidance delves deep into your personality, interests, and unique strengths to craft a career path that resonates with who you truly are. When it comes to career counselling in India, our team's expertise, along with our tailor-made solutions, ensures that your journey towards a successful and fulfilling career is both supported and enhanced.

Let’s look at how we stand apart:

Career Counselling Expertise

SetMyCareer really stands out in the crowd, and there's a bunch of reasons why. We're not just another regular option – we're something special. Few of the exceptional career related parameters we dive into are - helping you figure out what kind of leader you are, giving you the right skills to rock a job interview, and even which business or startup you could establish - among the other career guidance related parameters we help in. And guess what? We've been doing this since way back in 2009! Plus, we've got the industry veteran Dr. Nandkishore Rathi, who's been guiding people in their careers from all over the world for over 40 years – so you know you're in good hands.

But what really makes us different? We care about your journey, and we want you to really understand it. So, we don't just give you a report and call it a day. Nope, we make sure you have the best experience when looking at your career journey. We're not just about being one of the best career counselling websites in India – we're about making sure you feel awesome about your career path that you will be pursuing!


Psychometric Assessments & Reports

When it comes to helping you find the right career path, one thing stands as the cornerstone for career counselling companies worldwide are the career assessments . These assessments dive deep into who you are, uncovering your strengths, weaknesses, personality, interests, and more. It's like putting together the pieces of a puzzle that is uniquely you. At SetMyCareer, we believe in the magic of these assessments. They're not just any tests; they're scientific, accurate, and trustworthy. We've put in the work to ensure they give you the most precise results possible. So, imagine a journey where we don't just talk, we understand – guiding you towards the right career with confidence.

Curious about the behind-the-scenes? Here's a sneak peek into the different aspects we consider in our assessment process, setting us apart as one of the best career counselling websites in India. When it's about career counselling in India, we're here to make your journey both exciting and fulfilling.


With More Years, Comes Greater Expertise

In career counselling, especially for the best career counselling websites in India, the key lies in engaging with a wide array of clients. This multifaceted exposure is the catalyst for developing genuine expertise. Being actively present in the market, serving individuals from all walks of life who are in need of career counselling in India, is the cornerstone of acquiring valuable insights and refining our skills. At SetMyCareer, we understand the importance of this holistic approach to providing top-notch career counselling services across the country.


With More Data, Comes Greater Insights

Why should we take a closer look at career reports? Well, as the career experts at SetMyCareer decode your profile and steer you toward the perfect career journey, there's another side to consider – your own understanding. It's crucial for you to have a grasp of every intricate detail about yourself; that's where the importance of details truly shines.


With Great Experience, Comes Easier Growth

For career counselling companies being led by the right individuals holds paramount importance. Those who bring not only extensive industry experience but also a deep expertise in understanding each individual's career journey. This perspective is particularly crucial for companies aspiring to be counted among the best career counselling websites in India.


We Are Here, We Are There, We Are Everywhere!

No need to cross your arms – we're here, ready to assist individuals all over India and around the world. Our team of career counsellors is spread far and wide, which works in your favor. It means that whether you're in India or anywhere else, there's a friendly expert nearby or just a video call away. They're eager to be part of your career journey, helping you navigate your path to success. When it comes to career counselling in India, we're proud to be among the best career counselling websites. We're here for you, no matter where you are in the world.


Are you a Hitler or a Gandhi?

As you journey towards achieving career success, it becomes equally vital for you to grasp the essence of your own leadership abilities. This self-awareness will guide you towards a leadership role that truly suits you, allowing you to excel and shine as the best version of yourself.


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

In addition to engaging discussions and valuable counselling sessions with our expert career guides – a time-bound offering – it's natural to encounter moments of uncertainty when reviewing your career reports. That's why we believe in the power of easily accessible and self-explanatory videos on your report. Imagine having these insightful videos at your fingertips, ready to be watched whenever and wherever you are.


Bring Out the Best of Who You Are

When you're navigating through the challenging parts of your career journey, having a strong mental foundation becomes incredibly crucial. Sometimes, seeking psychological counselling becomes essential for individuals to empower themselves to make those right decisions that pave the way for career success. We understand that during these times of uncertainty, having the right support is paramount. Our commitment to providing top-notch career counselling in India means that we're here to guide you not only professionally, but also in maintaining your mental well-being.


Why Be the Same? Be Different

We're here to not only offer individuals the best-suited career options and pathways but also to support them beyond that initial step. Consider this: once you've got your eyes on a specific job role, what about nailing that all-important interview? Do you have the right skills to make a lasting impression? That's where job interview skills come into play – a crucial aspect that often defines career success.


Build a Business That Makes a Difference

Someone with dreams of being an entrepreneur craves guidance on where to start, what business path to embrace, and how to leverage their strengths for success. In this pursuit, valuable assistance becomes key.


Breathe Like You Belong

In a world with countless job opportunities and roles, discovering where you truly belong is key. Among the already existing job roles and industries in the market, finding the perfect match for you matters significantly.


From the Best of the Best

Gaining an international accreditation in psychology holds significant weight in shaping how a company evaluates individuals and the precision of results for people worldwide. This aspect is particularly crucial when it comes to offering the best career counselling services in India.


Why 3D? When there's 7D

Crafting an entire career journey for an individual involves careful consideration of various aspects and parameters that are unique to them. These elements are assessed to gain insights into their personality, strengths, interests, and more. The more dimensions we explore, the richer the data becomes, enhancing the reliability of the resulting report or plan.

Why Krrish when there's Superman?

The trustworthiness of psychometric assessments gains its validation through tests conducted on individuals, each possessing their own distinct characteristics. This meticulous approach guarantees impartial results, free from any bias.

Evolve with Us

Since an individual's career is a sensitive matter, staying current is a top priority. Just like how trends shift overnight, psychometric assessments need to be updated regularly, even on a daily basis. The market's unpredictability and the ever-changing world we live in can impact everyone's journey. That's why, especially in the fast-paced environment we're in, keeping these assessments up to date is crucial. It directly affects the insights career experts get to help individuals find their right path.


Glitch in the Matrix?

There are moments when you might find yourself in situations that can be a bit intricate for the counsellors to grasp fully. This could be due to a range of factors or outcomes that hold immense significance and need careful consideration by the career counsellor. Some individuals, while undergoing career assessments, might display patterns that stand out from the norm – unique paths that require a special approach.