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How a Career Consultant Can Help You Find the Right Career

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Published by Sreya Madanan on 29 February 2024

This article explores the role of a career consultant in one’s life through various stages, signs you might need to visit a career consultant, and important things to keep in mind before visiting a career consultant.

Career Consultant

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions in one's life. However, with countless options and ever-evolving job landscapes, making the right career choice can seem overwhelming.

This is where career consultants or career counsellors come into the picture. They are professionals who guide on career planning, transitions, development and management. By assessing an individual's skills, interests, values and personality, a competent career consultant can offer tailored advice and insights to help them make informed career decisions.

Whether you’re a student still exploring options, wanting to switch careers midway, or looking to fast-track professional growth — a career consultant can be invaluable in shaping your Successful Career journey through their scientific approach.

Who Is a Career Consultant?

A career consultant, also known as a career counsellor or Career Coach, is a professional who provides expert guidance on career planning, choices, transitions and development.

Their core role involves assessing a client’s skills, interests, values, personality traits and aptitude to guide them in choosing or progressing towards rewarding and meaningful careers aligned to their strengths. They employ scientifically validated assessments and tools to offer clients bespoke and actionable recommendations regarding education, job roles, upskilling needs etc.

An effective career consultant partners with clients across diverse life stages — right from students to experienced professionals — to enable them to enhance career satisfaction and achieve professional success through scientific career management principles. With their expertise, they can troubleshoot professional bottlenecks and empower clients to realize their true potential.

Signs You May Need to Visit a Career Consultant

  • Lack of career direction

    If you constantly grapple with questions like “What career is right for me?” and feel directionless in your professional journey, then seeing a career consultant is advisable. Their expert assessment can offer much-needed clarity.

  • Career transition dilemma

    Contemplating a total shift in your industry or role midway in your career can be enormously confusing. A competent career counsellor can scientifically evaluate your aptitude and guide your transition to rewarding alternative careers suited to your strengths.

  • Underperformance at work

    Feeling disengaged at work, underwhelming performance appraisals and a declining career graph despite your best efforts awaken issues. An experienced career consultant can pinpoint the reasons behind such work woes through their validated diagnostics and provide custom remedies.

  • Lack of progress towards goals

    If you are struggling to actualize things on your career bucket list — whether it's chasing a promotion, cracking competitive exams or acquiring in-demand skills — then unbiased input from a career management expert is prudent to troubleshoot lag and foster progress.

  • General career dissatisfaction

    A nagging feeling of discontentment and frustration with your career trajectory warrants intervention by an empathetic career counsellor who can get to the root of your ennui through scientific assessments and chart action plans to resolve it.

Ways a Career Consultant Can Help You Shape Your Career

An expert career consultant leverages scientific principles of career management to empower clients across diverse life stages to make informed decisions and attain professional excellence.

For Students:

  • Help identify innate strengths, and passion areas early through validated psychometric and interest assessments.
  • Guide subject selection, extra-curricular activities and internships to match individual profiles with desired job roles.
  • Offer data-backed recommendations on careers and college degrees aligned to a student’s attributes.
  • Make informed career decisions by understanding the latest industry outlooks, high-growth sectors, and emerging jobs.
  • Advise on scholarship applications, college admissions etc. based on overall student profiles, to make them shine throughout their careers.

For College Students and Early Career Professionals:

  • Evaluate interests and aptitude to suggest potential career directions and transition into the workforce.
  • Advise on skills, and certifications to acquire to access desired careers and fast-track employability.
  • Provide actionable strategies to strengthen resumes to make them competitive in today’s world, where being second-best is no option.
  • Guide networking approaches, interview preparation, salary negotiation etc. to ease entry into the job market.
  • Set realistic career goals and devise executable plans to attain them; be it higher studies, appraisals, promotions etc.

For Mid and Senior Career Professionals:

  • Pinpoint potential reasons for job stagnation through validated psychometric tools and address them through individualized counselling sessions
  • Suggest productive upskilling or reskilling trajectories to avoid redundancy and remain professionally agile.
  • Provide unbiased feedback on strengths, development needs to enable impactful self-correction, leading to self-growth.
  • Devise strategies to recover from setbacks like layoffs and equip to pivot into alternative careers or career pivots.
  • Support during critical transitions including shifting regions, roles, and industries or during entrepreneurial ventures.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Visiting a Career Consultant

Contemplate extensively on what you expect from the engagement: is it broadly planning your career trajectory from scratch or resolving a specific professional bottleneck? Clearly communicating expectations enables consultants to customize sessions to address your needs optimally. Moreover, Shortlist consultants whose credentials, specializations and past clientele resonate best with your needs. Gauge suitability based on factors like years of experience, approach, reliance on validated tools, customization offered, client reviews etc. before booking consultations.

SMC Expert Tip:

Introspect thoroughly before initial sessions to enable fruitful, solution-oriented discussions. Make notes about specifics like your career history, skills, interests, challenges faced, tentative plans etc. to discuss. Compile relevant records like transcripts, test results etc. to expedite scientific assessments. Thorough prep allows consultants to provide better-aligned recommendations catered to your exact needs


Crafting a thriving, purposeful career that fuels professional and personal growth can prove challenging without external guidance. This is where leveraging the expertise of seasoned career consultants through their validated tools and scientific approach can help you gain much-needed clarity. Career Counsellors at SetMyCareer can empower you to overcome obstacles and chart rewarding career trajectories aligned with your innate strengths and evolving goals.

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