As part of this service, you can discuss your current career-situation to seek an advice on what is your immediate or long-term challenge. If you have experience in a particular industry, and are aware of your key strengths, then our expert can analyze your situation and give you some inputs to make a right decision. Also, if you want to pursue higher studies or on-line courses, then you can seek advice from our expert. You can also discuss about the scope, and growth possibilities for a particular career.

The service is generally availed by those- (a). who want reassurance on their choice or decision, and/or (b). who want to discuss about its future prospects, eligibility, job-content, critical success factors etc.

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Our expert will review the career that you want to discuss from your CV and specific questions, if any.

Our expert will study and analyze the career that you want to discuss.

Our expert will discuss and answer your questions within the stipulated time of 60 min.


(a). The above fee includes discussion only, and not psychometric assessments (career tests) and interpretation etc. (b). You should be open to availing our psychometric assessment-based services at the applicable fee/rate, if you have doubt about the fitment of respective career with your profile. (c). It is advisable to send your questions in advance for the expert to do the necessary analysis. (d). Payment is non-refundable.