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World-class Psychometric
Career Tests

Psychometric Career Tests are crucial for guiding people to their best career paths. This scientific method is used to understand someone's thinking, personality, interests, and skills. Which helps the experts carefully study the data from these tests to find out what someone is good at and not so good at.

This helps them suggest jobs that fit the person well, avoiding trial-and-error and leading to careers that bring success. Especially in today's changing job world with lots of choices, these tests use facts to help people wisely decide their careers.

Psychometric Assessments

At SetMyCareer , we recognize that choosing a career can be overwhelming and might become a confusing journey without the proper steps and choices. That's why we've ensured to provide top-notch Psychometric tests for career counselling that have been thoroughly tested and confirmed to provide accurate results for each person.

Here are some key points highlighting the trustworthiness of our assessments:

We take immense pride in our collaboration with Sigma Assessments & PDA International to offer an unparalleled combination of Psychometric career guidance . With global recognition and extensive validation through substantial research and development, these Psychometric test for career provides you with the opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace your genuine potential for both educational achievements and career success.

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Discovering Your Path

The Perfect Psychometric Career Test Blend

Interest Career Assessment

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Our interest career assessment test individuals towards satisfying and fulfilling careers. It provides a personalized report with information on fit with 30 Job Groups, in-depth details on the top 3 Job Groups, fit with 17 Education Groups, and rankings of 34 Basic Interests and Work Personality preferences. Developed by more than 40 psychologists and Career experts using advanced methods for over 45 years, this scientifically-rooted assessment identifies a Career path that is right for you. Taking just 20 minutes, career counselling test generates immediate reports with easy-to-understand graphs, numbers, scale descriptions, and job information.

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Personality Career Assessment

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Our comprehensive career assessment test measures 6 broad dimensions and 18 facets of normal personality, including an enhanced model of Conscientiousness. With 108 items, it offers a holistic evaluation to assess your full range of personality, guide career selection, and promote self-awareness. Developed using a modern approach, it minimizes social desirability bias and boasts greater predictive power compared to traditional Big 5 measures, supported by extensive research.

Taking just 20 minutes, the personality career psychometric test generates immediate reports with easy-to-understand graphs, numbers, and insightful interpretations.

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Ability Career Assessment

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Uncover your intellectual strengths and areas for development with our specialized ability career assessment test. Through carefully designed psychometric tests for career guidance, it evaluates cognitive aptitude across various domains, revealing insights into logical reasoning, problem-solving, verbal comprehension, and more. With scientifically validated methods and 7 different indices, our assessment provides accurate and reliable results. Leverage this knowledge to enhance your academic pursuits, career prospects, and personal growth.

Taking just 45 minutes, the career assessment test generates immediate reports with easy-to-understand graphs, numbers, scale descriptions, and ability insights.

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Behavioural Profile Assessment

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Our Behavioural Profile Assessment or Behavioural assessment test is a powerful tool designed to provide individuals with valuable insights by analyzing an individual's natural behavioral preferences and communication tendencies. The report provides in-depth information about strengths, weaknesses, communication preferences, decision-making styles, and areas for development. It offers practical advice and suggestions on how to enhance communication, collaborate effectively with others, and maximize personal and professional growth.

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