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World-class Career Tests

Career is a matter of your success, satisfaction and happiness. Apart from that, it is a matter of competition. We get precise data about your passion & potential through world-class psychometric tests from Sigma Assessment Systems Inc, USA and PDA International, USA through our exclusive tie-ups. The tests have 50 years of research and proven history with success stories of millions of people worldwide.

Expert Career Counsellors

To make you successful & happy in the long-term, our counsellors will analyze your test data, connect all the dots to set your career on the fast-track. They are well-trained and experienced professionals, having an in-depth knowledge of various educational programs and industry sectors. They are trained in interpreting the career reports and draw right conclusions from the same.

Accurate Career Options

We manually analyze each report, and think over your personality, ability and interest profile again & again to arrive at the right career options. We put all possible details such as right subjects, stream, specialization, job role and industry sectors in a 1-page recommendation report. The areas of improvement in your personality, knowledge & skills are clearly identified and suggested.

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Why SetMyCareer?


Data-driven Career Discovery

Because data gives accuracy; opinions are vague.

Detailed Personality Report

Because every job has a specific personality requirement.

Interest and Ability Report

Because passionate work will not make you feel exhausted.

Right Job-role & Career Options

Because your profile needs to match with a specific job description.

Right Subjects & Education Options

Because you need to engage with the subjects and study emotionally & intellectually.

Short & Long-term Action Steps

Because short-term should build the foundation for the long-term.

Clarity on Skill Development

Because you should only learn what is needed to be a domain expert.

Meaningful Discussions

Because only a subject matter expert can guide you with all 'ifs' and 'buts'.

All Doubts & Questions Answered

Because confusion leads to distraction and clarity leads to innovation.

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