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We are a team of professionals with varied backgrounds such as psychology, merchandizing, technology, human resources, general management, manufacturing, and education. We are passionate about our work, your career, and the science behind it. We are uncompromising when it comes to taking a stand towards your short-term as well as long-term career. We are obsessed with your happiness by guiding you to engage with the right subjects and right work. We emphasize on holistic career development i.e. end-to-end rather than piece meal. We educate you on critical success factors (CSFs) in a particular field of study or work.



Hours of Counselling

Different Countries

To help every student and industry executive make the right decision pertaining to educational and professional career choices through a scientifically driven but empathetically addressed methodology aimed at long term career success and happiness.

To create an impact on the lives of at least 10 million individuals, in the next 10 years, by creating a value in their academic and professional endeavours by serving them through scientific counselling and guidance.

A Decade of Excellence


Over the last decade, team SetMyCareer has worked extensively on each case of individuals and defining the career path for over 40,000 individuals. The counsellors tested various tools and techniques from across the globe, to identify the best and to test & validate the same. We finally adopted the best psychometric assessments from Sigma Assessments, USA and PDA international, USA. The highly effective and proven counselling process, however, is the result of team SetMyCareer’s enormous efforts to give the best experience and outcome to its clients. Today, we are proud to be India’s premier Career Guidance and counselling company by customer satisfaction and success stories.

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Our Clients

From different academic and industry backgrounds

The Success Stories


We have created 40,000 success stories of students and industry executives who are currently working in their respective careers. For us, a success story happens when a client decides and acts on one of the recommendations suggested by our expert. It may be choosing the right subjects, stream, degree or specialization among education options. But we get true satisfaction when the client opts for the right work in the right industry after completion of the education.

So far we have served a wide variety of clients that include students who are academically gifted or average, motivated or casual, practical or intellectual, focused or distracted, and confident or dependent. But more than student clients, we served their parents who come with their own opinions, personalities, dreams and aspirations.

Among the industry executives, we have catered to people with 6 months to 32 years of work experience. It was quite challenging to set the careers of those who were laid off, women with career break, those wanting to pursue higher education, dissatisfied with the current work or organization culture, on the right track but wanting to grow higher & faster, etc. More interestingly, we have extensive breadth as well as depth, in terms of our client profiles. They came from IT to chemicals, textiles to fashion, oil & gas to building & construction, automobile to aviation, R&D to marketing, HR to operations, audit to investment banking, teaching to civil services, pilots to entrepreneurs, shipping to gymnasts and so on.

Many clients express their satisfaction by writing reviews, giving a video feedback for sending the mails. These reviews can be seen on our Google page, youtube channel, and JustDial listing.

Our Core Values


Strategic Orientation

Looking at the long term repercussions and outcomes of educational as well as professional career options that we analyze, discuss and recommend.

Scientific Approach

Arriving at the right career recommendations through highly validated and reliable psychometric tools, and well-structured qualitative discussion.

Clarity & Completeness

Analyzing data and asking questions to get complete clarity, and portraying a complete picture of the career, with no doubt left.


One thing that we give high weightage to, beyond scientifically measured data, is the ‘feelings’ and the ‘inner voice’ of an individual.

Integrity & Trust

Taking a stand in favor of one’s long-term success and wellbeing, even if it is ‘not pleasant’ to hear in the short-term, thereby building trust by speaking the truth.

Our hard working team


Dr. Nandkishore Rathi

Founder, Loratis SetMyCareer

Dr. Rathi comes with immense passion for people development with proven experience at IIT Bombay and Oracle Corporation as a placement officer and campus recruitment head (APAC) respectively. Has pursued an award winning Ph.D. from IIT Bombay. Conducted counseling sessions, career coaching and training programs for more than 40,000 students and executives.

Geeta Aiyappa

Director and Operations Head of Loratis

Geeta is a director at Loratis SetMyCareer. She comes with 12 years of experience as a merchandiser in the fashion industry. She has been instrumental in managing multiple functions at Loratis for the past 9 years. As a strict administrator, she ensures timely delivery of counseling services and high customer satisfaction.

Prof. B. B. Pant

Director and Sr. Career Navigator

An accomplished campus-placement expert and educationist Prof. Bharat Pant has worked at senior levels at Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra and IMS Unison University. As a Dean and Registrar he has contributed immensely towards students' training & development, career planning, internships and placements. Has built relationships with 150+ business houses and conducted several soft skills training programs for students. Has been a strategist in establishing programs not just in India but overseas as well.

Shibali Naidu

Loratis Certified Career Navigator

Shibali has her M.Sc. in Applied Microbiology and an M.A in Counseling Psychology. She has worked as a sales & marketing professional for years before turning to career counseling. Has a demonstrated history of conducting over 1500 counseling sessions at Loratis. She found her true calling through Loratis as a client.

Indira G.

Business Navigator.

Indira has 5+ years of experience as a counsellor in reputed companies. She is always ready to help the clients and address their career needs immediately. She has Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in Clinical Psychology. Her experience pertains to practical treatment of depressive and behavioural approach and educating patients on lifestyle modifications.

Harish Banakar

Software Consultant

An engineer by profession, Harish comes with tonnes of experience in the information technology domain. He is a passionate programmer, specializing in back-end work. He adopts to new technologies and methodologies very fast. Has worked on multiple projects at Loratis and delivered successfully. He has been associated with Loratis for the past 10 years.

Somnath Hawargi

IT Professional turned Educationist and Counselor

A computer science graduate, Somnath has spent initial years of his career at responsible positions in the technology sector. His passion for education and counselling, turned him into an edu-tech entrepreneur. Has actively worked as president of Rotary International and as vice president (PR) Toastmasters International. Somnath has his own education trust in Bangalore.

Our Partners

Our Counselling Methodology

Sigma started its journey in 1957 by developing Personality Typology and Career Inventory Instruments. Dr. Jackson, an authority in psychometric assessments and the founder of Sigma, has completed his Ph.D from Purdue University in Clinical Psychology. The American Psychological Association (APA) designated him as Chair of its Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessments. He was elected as President of APA’s division of measurement, evaluation and statistics, and President of the Society of Multivariate Experimental Research.

Dr. Douglas Jackson

Founder, Sigma Assessments Systems Inc. USA

A father figure in psychometric testing and related research, Dr. Douglas Jackson is Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University and the founder of Sigma Assessments Systems Inc. USA. SetMyCareer has signed an exclusive agreement for the career tests developed by him. The American Psychological Association (APA) designated him as Chair of its Committee.

Ted Jackson

President and CEO of Sigma Assessment Systems Inc.

Ted is President and CEO of Sigma Assessment Systems Inc., USA, who inherited the world-class psychometric assessments developed by Dr. Douglass Jackson. He inherits the legacy of Sigma tools, being administered to millions of people worldwide. He ensures the highest standards of research and quality of Sigma’s assessments with an ongoing R&D.

Dr. Ruby Nadler

Leadership Consultant & Research Scientist (Sigma, USA)

Dr. Ruby has her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and comes with a vast experience in executive coaching practice and programs as part of Sigma Assessments. In 2015 she was awarded a two-year postdoctoral scholarship from the Ontario Centers of Excellence for developing a mindfulness-based leader development program with the Brain and Mind Institute.

Dr. Julie Carswell

Vice President, Head of R&D (Sigma, USA)

Dr. Julie comes with 20+ years of experience in developing assessments of high reliability and validity as nurtured by Dr. Douglass Jackson. She has been with Sigma for the last 16 years, responsible for development of assessment tools in cognitive and personality areas for employee selection, career guidance and clinical purposes.

Dr. Erica Sutherland

Senior Consultant & Executive Coach (Sigma, USA)

Dr. Erica has her M.Sc. and Ph.D from University of Western Ontario. Her area of research during M.Sc was Personality and Measurement. The focus of her Ph.D was Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Erica has a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry, apart from her research.

Dr. Jackson published 250 articles in scholarly journals, several dozen book chapters and co-edited two books. He also served on the editorial boards of approximately 23 psychological journals. His work has many applications, for example, the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) has influenced the career planning of more than a million people, while his cognitive ability measure, the Multidimensional Aptitude Battery (MAB) has been used by NASA in the selection of Astronauts.

William M. Marston

Based on the ‘Theory of Personality’ by William M. Marston, through his book ‘Emotions of Normal People (1928)’, the PDA assessment was developed to analyze the natural behavioral profile of individuals and their potential. It analyzes the strengths, areas of development, competencies, decision making style, motivation level of a specific individual. This assessment takes 10 - 15 min and gives a complete picture of one’s behavioral profile. Dr. Marston completed his Ph.D. in Psychology in 1921, from Harvard University. PDA assessment is used in almost 45 countries for recruitment and selection of industry executives. Companies such as Deloitte, Pepsico, Adecco, DHL, Mercedes-Benz, Roche, Nestle, Accenture, etc.

Our Methodology

Our Counselling Methodology

The career counselling process is as important as the psychometric tools to arrive at the right career options for long term success and happiness. Dr. Nandkishore Rathi has developed a systematic and thorough interaction model between the counsellor and the counsellee over a period of 15 years through research and practice. The candidate (counsellee) is evaluated, not just quantitatively, but also qualitatively to leave no stone unturned in understanding the uniqueness of an individual. The probing approach with the right questions, to finally connect all the dots of one’s potential makes our counselling process highly satisfying, fulfilling and objective. Dr. Rathi has blended his experience as the Placement Incharge at IIT Bombay, and as Director (Campus Recruitment) - Asia Pacific at Oracle Corporation to arrive at a perfect process for a complex issue of “Right Career for Each Person”. His 5 year long Ph.D. from IIT Bombay (Retention and Motivation of Software Professionals) that bagged him Mercer-Asia 2003 Award further added to the refinement of our counselling process. The hands-on experience of Loratis career counsellors with 40,000 counselling cases made us rich by knowledge and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our experts

Our services are offered only 1-on-1, since the objective is to find your uniqueness and recommend you career options that are applicable to you as an individual. We, however, encourage the participation of your near and dear ones during the sessions.

At present, we offer face-to-face sessions only in Bangalore. For the rest of the geographical areas, we conduct the counselling sessions, through live video calls. People across the country and overseas have been availing our services through video sessions. The career tests being online, more and more people are preferring the video sessions. Our experts ensure that through a good level of interaction and effective communication, there is no difference on the overall impact and outcome of the sessions.

Since our process is fully automated, from payment till you download the report(s) and watch the explainer videos, the part payment option is not available.

We try to understand you with a 360 degree perspective, qualitatively as well as quantitatively. So, even if there is a judgemental error in your answering the career tests, our expert will arrive at accurate career options for you. It is very rarely that the interest report comes as neutral. If so, then we have other techniques to understand your interests.

Our career guidance process emphasizes on discussion with our expert, to ensure that candidates/parents do not interpret the report data in their own manner and make wrong career choices. We, therefore, insist on the counselling discussion and no refund is entertained.

The counselling process is effective when there is continuity in the process with no major gaps in between. The initial consultation, the online career tests and the career counselling sessions happen in a specified sequence, allowing for an easier approach in relating the discussion of the last session with the next session. We, therefore, have kept the validity of our services for a maximum of 45 days from the date of payment.

If your career options, as recommended by our expert, are the same as you were contemplating, then it's a matter of good coincidence. This means you have clarity on your career interests which get reconfirmed through our qualitative and quantitative data points. Although we do suggest 3-5 options, we emphasize on what is right for you rather than showing off our knowledge of varied types of careers.

Our current career counsellors have 15+ years of industry experience and are professionally qualified. They are individuals with high behavioural inclinations. Moreover, they are duly trained and certified in utilizing our career counselling tools, techniques and processes. This makes them all uniform in following the science of career counselling. As per our norms, any graduate with 3-5 years of experience is eligible to get certified in our career counselling process.