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We are a team of professionals with varied backgrounds such as psychology, merchandizing, technology, human resources, general management, manufacturing, and education. We are passionate about our work, your career, and the science behind it. We are uncompromising when it comes to taking a stand towards your short-term as well as long-term career. We are obsessed with your happiness by guiding you to engage with the right subjects and right work. We emphasize on holistic career development i.e. end-to-end rather than piece meal. We educate you on critical success factors (CSFs) in a particular field of study or work.

To make the educational and professional life of people of India better by helping them make right career decisions through scientifically driven empowerment as a catalyst.

To be India’s most trusted and largest career guidance and counselling company, with huge impact on lives of at least 10 million people who will turn into experts over next 10 years.

We are not a non-profit organization, but we never put money before our vision to make 10 million people happy & successful in their career. We do not have any college or university tie ups, so that we can provide you biased career advice, path and strategy. We take a stand, we argue, and we agree to agree as well as disagree. We do not try to please you, because we talk truth, reality, and possibilities. We do not form perceptions. We believe in what your heart says (qualitatively) and what our reports reflect (quantitatively).

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Trusted by 40,000+ Clients

Across Different Academic & Industry Backgrounds

Undisputed since 2010

We have guided more than 40,000 students and executives over last 10 years, and have grown organically to be India’s #1 career guidance company by customer satisfaction (reviews) and referrals.

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Graduate Student giving Feedback

About Dr. Rathi

Founder & Chief Career Navigator, Loratis SetMyCareer

Dr. Nandkishore Rathi is an industry veteran and passionate people-developer. He brings with him vast experience from IIT Bombay, Oracle India, Videocon, and Real Value Appliances. His education and experience bring in knowledge of engineering disciplines, human resources, marketing, campus recruiting, training and campus placements. His understanding of ‘how the industry functions’ makes him a versatile career guru, His award-winning research on ‘Retention and Motivation of IT Professionals’ brings in knowledge, research and innovation driven approach in our guidance process.

He has highly investigative approach to identify right career options not just for students but even for industry executives. This has created a great team of experts at SetMyCareer and successful career stories for 1000s of individuals over the past 10 years.

Last but not the least, our team is committed to explore practical and factual answers to your career-related confusions and questions. We connect & reconnect the dots of your potential with your passion till we get a beautiful picture out of it; a career that will excite & ignite an unending fire in you to excel & grow in your career.

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Message from the Founder

Greetings for the life-time!

Today, we all are searching something. Something ‘big’. Something ‘right’. Right job, right education, right strategy, right career, right life-partner etc. But we mostly search it outside – in colleges, universities, courses, MNCs, glamour industry, success-of-others, external look-n-feel etc. In this search, we are probably missing the true place of our treasure i.e. our-own-self; our talent, passion, and strengths.

With complexity & uncertainty driven by change & innovation, day-by-day, it is becoming difficult to choose right options. Wrong choice means big cost - in terms of time, money, resources, frustration, anxiety and loss of competitiveness. Over and above, we are sold many ideas, products and philosophies by market influencers. E.g. Of late, we are sold by our society that ‘without a post-graduate degree there is no future’, ‘without science & technology background there is no job’, ‘without good rank in studies there is no career’. Well, we have knowing or unknowingly, have bought these ideas very convincingly. Money is a need, but we started saying that ‘money is my motivator’. We started feeling happy with short-term gain, with not much of an eye, on long-term effects such as expertise, leadership, accountability. The result is frustration, disappointment and failure .

So, let’s not search what is right as per others, or what sounds great from outside, but rather what makes you a creative expert and problem solver, as per your values, talents, passions and behaviours. We need to understand ourselves (individual) first, our path and direction next. We should set the right career agenda for ourselves, with no comparison with others.

We, at Loratis SetMyCareer, facilitate ‘making you choose the right education and right career’. And we do this through a scientific and research-based approach for each individual. We define and connect your energy-dots to create a picture of success and happiness as unique as you are. We focus only on one thing – you are born to lead which world, your right career! Age is no bar. We do it for teens from 13 years, youngsters in 30s to seniors in 70s. Because, passion never retires.

Loratis, is an organically evolved social-impact organization. Our career guidance process is the result of:

  • My 9-years of confusion-driven career after a degree in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Marketing followed by 9-years of exciting journey at IIT Bombay as Training and Placement Officer.
  • My 5-years at Oracle Corporation as Director of Campus Recruitment (Asia Pacific) added further to my development. At IIT Bombay, I learnt the lessons of Career Management while dealing with talented, ambitious and matured final year students on one hand, and aggressive talent-hunting domestic and multi-national companies (MNCs) on the other.
  • My 5-year-long HR research (PhD) on motivation and retention of IT professionals, which won me Mercer Asia Award for being the most innovative and practical HR research in Asia.
  • Last 10-years of ongoing services to young student, their parents and working executives.

Today, we are India’s #1 career guidance company by customer satisfaction, rated at 4.7/5.0 by more than 3000 clients. We got the world-class psychometric tests (assessments) to measure your potential, powered by our partner Sigma Assessment Systems Inc, USA. We have done an extensive R&D over these years to understand our client-needs, and to perfect ourselves on answers to career-related questions of different kinds of aspiring individuals. We are here, more to-make-a-difference, rather than making profit. We are a social-impact organization wanting to change the way India makes career choices. We have a dream that every Indian student studies in the right course, and every adult works in a role. I personally invite you as a student, parent or an adult executive to understand ‘who your are’, and where is ‘your big story’. Be part of us, and let us be part of your success story. Wishing you a great educational and work-related experience, called Career!

Yours Sincerely,
Nandkishore Rathi (BE, MBA, PhD)
Founder & Chief Career Navigator

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