Loratis is a pure career guidance and counselling organization driven by a team of passionate people headed by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi. We understand an individual throughly to identify the right academic and professional career path for him/her. Our career guidance process is scientific as well as humane - high-tech yet high-touch. We believe in the science of career success as much as human aspects of it. Incase of students, we take a serious view on the parents' expectations and their socio-economic context without compromising on the truth revealed by the data.

Loratis focuses only on one thing – Career Management by identifying the world that an individual is born to lead – the Right Career! Today it is India's No.1 Career Counselling Company by customer satisfaction, expressed on various public platforms. It has been reviewed by more than 5,000 people with an average rating of 4.7/5.0. People from across India and overseas are approaching LORATIS for getting their career issues addressed.

Loratis SetMyCareer.Net Pvt Ltd is an organically evolved social-impact entity started in 2009. The word Loratis is a fusion of two Latin words laurals, meaning success and partis meaning direction, i.e. Direction of Success.

We believe in scientifically connecting the dots after taking into account the assessment data, individual dreams, emotions and aspirations. We have a thorough and holistic approach to matching the right career to the right candidate, which is a mix of qualitative understanding, and quantitative assessment. Through a combination of factors such as aptitude, personality and interest, we conclusively map the right career, and provide the path for achievement of the client’s career goals; without compromising on his/her happiness.

About Dr. Nandkishore Rathi

The key areas of his expertise are:

  • Insights on job-specific interview preparation
  • Campus Recruitment & University Relations
  • Career Planning, Counseling and Psychometric Assessments
  • Mapping the Employability Index
  • Dynamics of Behavioral Interviews
  • Group and Case Discussion
  • Selection Processes in Different Industry Segments like FMCG, IT, Engineering etc.
  • Human Resource Management in IT Industry

Promoted ‘Loratis SetMyCareer .Net Pvt Ltd’ in 2010 with the sole objective of career guidance, and employability development of students and working adults. Has guided and trained more than 25,000 people so far. Loratis, today, is India’s best rated and reviewed career guidance company in the country. Students from 9th std till PhDs and adults with 1 year till 35 years of experience avail his advice across the world. Prior to Loratis, he has worked with Oracle Corporation at Bangalore as Director – Campus Relations (Asia Pacific), responsible for all entry level hiring, internship and university relations in 12 countries, mainly China, India, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea. Pakistan and New Zealand. Before Oracle, he was working with IIT Bombay as Placement In-Charge (of a centralized placement facility) for nine years, interacting with all major national and international companies - almost 300 every year. The main responsibilities included job placement of 1000 engineering and management students every year, development of soft skills for the students, training them on group discussion and interview skills, career counseling and corporate relations. Is a Mechanical Engineer from Govt. COE Amravati, Nagpur University with an MBA (Marketing) and Masters in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management (MIRPM). Also pursued his Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, I.I.T. Bombay. The topic of his research was ‘Human Resource Challenges in Indian Software Industry: An Empirical Study of Employee Turnover’. This six-year long research has won him - the Mercer Asia 2003 Award, of USD 10,000/-. His thesis was adjudged as the most innovative & practical HR research in Asia from among 100 research projects across 38 top universities. Business Today referred him as HR Guru for IT Firms. Has presented his papers at various conferences and has been invited as guest speaker at various institutes and organizations.


Live on August 2, 2020

Message from the Founder

Greetings for the life-time!

Today, we all are searching something. Something ‘big’. Something ‘right’. Right job, right education, right strategy, right career, right life-partner etc. But we mostly search it outside – in colleges, universities, courses, MNCs, glamour industry, success-of-others, external look-n-feel etc. In this search, we are probably missing the true place of our treasure i.e. our-own-self; our talent, passion, and strengths.

With complexity & uncertainty driven by change & innovation, day-by-day, it is becoming difficult to choose right options. Wrong choice means big cost - in terms of time, money, resources, frustration, anxiety and loss of competitiveness. Over and above, we are sold many ideas, products and philosophies by market influencers. E.g. Of late, we are sold by our society that ‘without a post-graduate degree there is no future’, ‘without science & technology background there is no job’, ‘without good rank in studies there is no career’. Well, we have knowing or unknowingly, have bought these ideas very convincingly. Money is a need, but we started saying that ‘money is my motivator’. We started feeling happy with short-term gain, with not much of an eye, on long-term effects such as expertise, leadership, accountability. The result is frustration, disappointment and failure .

So, let’s not search what is right as per others, or what sounds great from outside, but rather what makes you a creative expert and problem solver, as per your values, talents, passions and behaviours. We need to understand ourselves (individual) first, our path and direction next. We should set the right career agenda for ourselves, with no comparison with others.

We, at Loratis SetMyCareer, facilitate ‘making you choose the right education and right career’. And we do this through a scientific and research-based approach for each individual. We define and connect your energy-dots to create a picture of success and happiness as unique as you are. We focus only on one thing – you are born to lead which world, your right career! Age is no bar. We do it for teens from 13 years, youngsters in 30s to seniors in 70s. Because, passion never retires.

Loratis, is an organically evolved social-impact organization. Our career guidance process is the result of:

  • My 9-years of confusion-driven career after a degree in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Marketing followed by 9-years of exciting journey at IIT Bombay as Training and Placement Officer.
  • My 5-years at Oracle Corporation as Director of Campus Recruitment (Asia Pacific) added further to my development. At IIT Bombay, I learnt the lessons of Career Management while dealing with talented, ambitious and matured final year students on one hand, and aggressive talent-hunting domestic and multi-national companies (MNCs) on the other.
  • My 5-year-long HR research (PhD) on motivation and retention of IT professionals, which won me Mercer Asia Award for being the most innovative and practical HR research in Asia.
  • Last 10-years of ongoing services to young student, their parents and working executives.
Today, we are India’s #1 career guidance company by customer satisfaction, rated at 4.7/5.0 by more than 3000 clients. We got the world-class psychometric tests (assessments) to measure your potential, powered by our partner Sigma Assessment Systems Inc, USA. We have done an extensive R&D over these years to understand our client-needs, and to perfect ourselves on answers to career-related questions of different kinds of aspiring individuals. We are here, more to-make-a-difference, rather than making profit. We are a social-impact organization wanting to change the way India makes career choices. We have a dream that every Indian student studies in the right course, and every adult works in a role. I personally invite you as a student, parent or an adult executive to understand ‘who your are’, and where is ‘your big story’. Be part of us, and let us be part of your success story. Wishing you a great educational and work-related experience, called Career!

Yours Sincerely,
Nandkishore Rathi (BE, MBA, PhD)
Founder & Chief Career Navigator

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