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Overcoming Setbacks in Entrepreneurship: Help From a Career Coach

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Published by Sreya Madanan on 14 February 2024

This comprehensive guide will take you through the importance of having a passion and a step-by-step guide on how to turn your passion into a fruitful, satisfactory profession.

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A 2023 report by Inc. found that 77% of small business owners report feeling significant mental and emotional strain due to their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The pressures of wearing multiple hats, financial instability, long hours, and constant business threats take a severe psychological toll. This makes it even more difficult to cope with failures and setbacks which 66% of respondents identified as a trigger for mental health issues.

Entrepreneurship can be a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with exhilarating highs and devastating lows. The path of an entrepreneur is paved with both spectacular successes but also challenging failures and setbacks.

In fact, a recent study by Statista found that 21.5% of startups fail in the first year, and nearly 70% don't make it past year 5.

The truth is, that failure and setbacks are inevitable in the life of an Entrepreneur. The key is to embrace these obstacles as opportunities for growth and learning.

This is where an experienced career coach can provide invaluable guidance to entrepreneurs by helping them build resilience, persevere in the face of hurdles, and use setbacks as springboards to future success.

The Inevitability of Failure in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Failure and setbacks seem inherently woven into the entrepreneurial journey. One of the popular sayings in the startup world goes "Fail fast, fail often”. But why is experiencing failure apparently inevitable for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are pioneers — they forge into unmapped territories with new untested models. Without signposts in these uncharted waters, missteps are guaranteed during experimentation before gaining traction.

Moreover, entrepreneurship involves simultaneously juggling myriad complex, interlinked responsibilities where dropping one ball destabilizes everything. With limited resources spread thinly, the probability dictates entrepreneurs will fumble frequently. Facing failure is unavoidable and recurring. By partnering with a career coach, entrepreneurs can develop resilience to fail fast, regain footing quicker, and extract wisdom from failures to persevere onward. How exactly? Read on!

Embracing Failure as a Learning Opportunity

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." — Thomas Edison

The most successful entrepreneurs adopt a positive mindset towards failure and view each setback as a chance to improve. Rather than being defeated by failure, they analyze what went wrong and use those lessons to fuel smarter decisions and innovative pivots.

Career coaches help reinforce this growth-oriented perspective towards failure.

They encourage entrepreneurs to do "failure autopsies" — deep reflection on mistakes made paired with strategic action plans that incorporate new insights. Coaches also provide techniques for emotionally processing disappointments so entrepreneurs can stay motivated to turn things around.

SMC Expert Tip:

Some of the expert tips for learning from failure include

  • Be self-compassionate: don't beat yourself up! Adopt a kind inner voice and focus on the future.
  • Study data and metrics to pinpoint exactly where things went awry. Don't make vague guesses.
  • Research and talk to experts about how others in your shoes have improved after similar setbacks. Failure can connect you!
  • Instead of statements like “I’m a failure” they encourage phrases like “This setback provided key insights into improving my business strategy”.

Career coaches use cognitive behavioural techniques to help entrepreneurs reframe unhelpful thoughts when processing setbacks.

Coaches also guide entrepreneurs through organizational post-mortem analysis. They help formulate specific penetrating questions across all business areas to get to the heart of what went wrong and why. Brainstorming sessions then produce solutions and next-step plans.

Resilience and Perseverance: The Role of a Career Coach

Entrepreneurship demands high resilience and perseverance to power through the inevitable trials and tribulations. A recent Harvard study found that grit was a far better predictor for entrepreneurial success than innate talent alone.

Career coaches specialize in cultivating grit and tenacity. By taking an empathetic yet solution-focused approach, they reinforce an entrepreneur's self-confidence to persist even when things look bleak. Coaches also provide accountability to stick to growth plans despite emotional rollercoasters.

Some of the scientific techniques career coaches utilize to build resilience and perseverance include the following:

  • Reframing language - catch negative self-talk and rephrase it to uplifting statements
  • Meditation and mindfulness to manage stress and calm turbulent emotions
  • S.M.A.R.T goal setting paired with routine self-evaluation and course correction
  • Maintaining work-life balance through proper time management and self-care

Turning Setbacks Into Stepping Stones: How a Career Coach Can Help

Setbacks not only provide learning fodder — they also present opportunities for improvement and strategic change. Identifying these opportunities requires creative ideation paired with pragmatic decision-making — two areas where career coaches shine.

By taking an aerial view of your journey thus far, coaches can trace back missteps to uncover alternative viable pathways forward other entrepreneurs may have missed. Brainstorming sessions with a career coach allow out-of-the-box solutions to emerge — ones where failure served as the impetus for something even better.

For example, when Burger King's initial global expansion attempts floundered, it used these lessons to develop its innovative franchising model that sparked exponential growth. Coaches empower entrepreneurs to achieve similar aha moments!

Career coaches are masters at illuminating silver linings. During periods of uncertainty, they direct entrepreneurs to stay focused on future progress by maintaining an opportunistic mindset.

The creative vision of coaches also uncovers unique ways to evolve based on market feedback. They ask probing questions to determine how to leverage failures and identify promising pivots. This discernment helps entrepreneurs maximize learning value from every mistake so setbacks accelerate sustainable growth rather than inhibit it.

Real-World Stories of Overcoming Setbacks

Some of today's most triumphant entrepreneurs experienced massive failures and setbacks early on. These stories illustrate how career coaching techniques helped them rise back up.

Falguni Nayar - A banker turned entrepreneur, she launched the beauty e-commerce site Nykaa in 2012. Despite early struggles, a coach pushed her to stay nimble and resilient which helped Nykaa become a rare retail unicorn.

Arianna Huffington's first business was a feminist satirical magazine called Satchel that folded within two years. Deeply in debt, Huffington's coach helped her handle this "public humiliation" and regain her moxie. This fueled her ambition to rebound with the wildly successful Huffington Post.

Steve Jobs got fired from Apple at age 30 which he called "devastating." His career coach encouraged him to still "stay hungry" and use this available time to evolve. He did just that by founding Pixar and NeXT computers before returning to Apple more skilled than ever.

Oprah Winfrey was told she was "unfit for television" early in her broadcasting career. Through sessions focused on resilience, Oprah regained self-belief and went on to host the highest-rated talk show ever which spawned a media empire.

There are countless other stories of entrepreneurs who rose like phoenixes from the ashes of early stumbles thanks to career coach mentoring. Their collective experience proves that with grit and guidance, seemingly insurmountable setbacks can be overcome.


With inevitable setbacks and mental strains inherent to entrepreneurship, professional Career Guidance from a career coach makes all the difference in building resilience, learning from failures, and harnessing them to propel success. They provide an invaluable engine for reframing mindsets, illuminating opportunities, and navigating uncertainties at every phase — helping transform obstacles into catalysts for growth.

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