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How a Career Advisor Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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Published by Sreya Madanan on 9 March 2024

A career advisor guides you in planning your career journey, sets goals, identifies gaps, provides industry insights, and gives unbiased advice to help you grow professionally. Read on to understand how you can make a difference in your career with help from a career advisor.

career advisor

Picture this: Sonia was feeling stuck and unfulfilled in her job. She wanted to make a career shift but didn't know where to start or what path to take. On a friend's recommendation, Sonia scheduled a meeting with a career advisor.

Through insightful conversations, the advisor helped Sonia reflect on her skills, interests and values. She gained clarity that she wanted to transition into the healthcare industry and leverage her abilities in project management.

With the advisor's guidance in strategically planning the next steps and providing networking connections, Sonia successfully made the career shift. She is now thriving in her role and feels grateful for the mentorship she received in planning her Career Journey.

Having a career advisor by Sonia's side was extremely valuable in enabling her career transition. The advisor provided an objective sounding board to gain self-awareness, industry insights to make informed decisions, strategic direction and accountability to reach set targets and access to tools as well as connections that accelerated her growth. Read this article to understand many ways a career advisor can help you.

Who Is a Career Advisor?

A career advisor is a professional who provides guidance, coaching and mentorship to help individuals manage their careers.

They have extensive experience and expertise related to Career Development, career counselling, HR processes and the job market across various industries. A good career advisor partners with clients through one-on-one discussions to help them gain self-awareness and clarity regarding their career goals based on their innate skills, interests, values, personality and aspirations.

They can provide unbiased advice and perspectives to help clients make informed career decisions aligned to their needs. A career advisor may utilize assessments and tools to enable clients to plan their career strategies and trajectories effectively. They act as a sounding board and provide networking connections, industry insights, resume reviews and other resources to empower clients to successfully advance their careers.

Career Advisor vs Career Counsellor

While career advisors and counsellors have some commonalities in aiding individuals to navigate their careers, there are some key differences:

Career Counsellor Career Advisor
Career counsellors focus specifically on counselling and guidance around career decisions. Career advisors provide holistic ongoing mentorship including planning, reviews, resources etc.
Counsellors often have a Psychology or Social Work background. Career advisors may come from Human Resources or Talent Management roles.
Career counsellors leverage psychometric testing, one-on-one discussions, and more. Advisors focus on skills, talents, and experience-based evaluations.
Counselling is often short-term for a specific decision. Advisor engagements are longer-term for career management..
Career counselling relies more on one-way analysis. Career advising incorporates two-way mentor-mentee discussions.

While counselling helps make informed Career Choice , an advisor provides strategic direction aligned to goals and maps progression pathways to success. Their complementary partnership empowers individuals to build rewarding careers.

6 Ways a Career Advisor Can Help You Reach Your Goal

An insightful career advisor partners with you like a mentor to provide the guidance, perspectives and tools needed to help you advance professionally and achieve career success. Here are six impactful ways they can help you reach your goals:

  1. Acts as a Sounding Board

    A career advisor provides a safe, unbiased and non-judgemental environment for you to openly share your career situation, ambitions, ideas etc. Their questioning and active listening skills enable further self-reflection so you can verbalize and process your scattered thoughts to uncover clarity. As a sounding board, they help you align your career ideas to your strengths and your purpose. This builds self-awareness regarding suitable career directions.

  2. Understanding Where You Stand

    Through informative discussions and assessments, an advisor analyzes your career standing across parameters like skills, knowledge, personality, interests etc. They pinpoint the gaps and areas of misalignment between your current expertise versus what would be needed in your desired roles. These insights allow you to self-correct and develop the right capabilities to progress towards your Career Goals. This enables you to bridge skill gaps.

  3. Gain Industry Insights

    Given the advisor’s extensive industry and SME (subject matter expert) networks, a career advisor provides valuable input regarding the latest industry and occupational trends. They guide you to opportunities best aligned with your goals while highlighting any associated challenges. These insights allow you to make well-informed career decisions suited to the current environment. This arms you with industry knowledge

  4. Receive Unbiased Advice in Strategic Planning

    Career advisors provide unbiased guidance as they have no conflicts of directing you towards specific careers, companies or narrow paths. They objectively advise you on exploring options aligned with your passions before defining strategic steps to attain your goals. This prevents you from having tunnel vision by just considering easily accessible opportunities which may not fulfil your true interests and passions.

  5. Help in Goal Setting and Developing Key Outcomes

    Career advisors collaborate with you to set tangible goals and map the key milestones based on your aspirations, priorities and abilities. Defining these success outcomes provides direction and motivates progress. It also enables measuring achievement to stay accountable. They further break down big goals into smaller actionable steps. Developing key outcomes also brings focus through defined targets

  6. Networking and Resources

    A career advisor taps into their networks to facilitate useful connections that support your advancement towards set targets. They also provide access to beneficial career management tools, books, courses etc that build capabilities. Some even give resume and interview preparation guidance. This multi-faceted support accelerates your Career Growth. This gives you access to an enabling ecosystem.

The Takeaway

A career advisor goes beyond just guiding you to become an invested partner along your professional journey.

They prevent you from having tunnel vision and help align your capabilities to reach ambitious yet attainable targets. So, rather than feeling lost while navigating your career, visit SetMyCareer and take charge with our expert career advisors who help you bridge the gaps to achieve Career Success aligned with your passion.

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