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How To Become A Career Counsellor

Career counselors are professional consultants who look at an individual's education level, work history, and interests to suggest potential career paths and set career goals for their clients. Career counselors often work in a variety of areas and with a broad range of clients. Educational settings such as high schools and college, government agencies, and private practices are just a few of the major areas of employment for people working in this field.


Some counselors work in high school settings and help students make college and career choices. Others work in higher-education settings and counsel university students who need help picking a major and deciding what they want to do when they graduate.

Many counselors specialize in working with adults who are already a part of the workforce. These individuals might seek out the assistance of a career counselor because they are considering a career change, want to find ways to advance in their current careers, or need assistance finding new work after being laid off

In some cases, career counselors might also work with disabled individuals who need assistance to acquire job skills and find employment. These professionals are often employed by private or government agencies that offer assistance to children and adults suffering from a range of disabilities. Teaching basic job skills, connecting clients with resources in the community, and communicating with potential employers are just a few of the tasks counselors might perform when working in this area.

Work Environment

Career counselors take a person's education level, work history, personality, interests and skills into account and suggest careers that match his or her background and abilities. They also use Psychometric career tests to find one's personality and interest to suggest them the best fit career. Their goal is to match people with jobs that will give them the greatest balance of financial payoff and job satisfaction. In addition to helping people who are just entering the workforce, career counselors help people who have lost their jobs, are between jobs, unhappy with their career choices or experiencing other types of job stress.

Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor's Degree in Counseling, Psychology, Masters in Psychology.

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