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How To Become a Geophysicist

Published By Team Setmycareer on Sep 20, 2023

Discover How To Become a Geophysicist


Geophysicists study the earth using a variety of methods, including gravitational, magnetic, electrical, and seismic. They explore the structure, composition, and physical aspects of the earth and its atmosphere, applying scientific principles to solve problems. These scientists utilize geophysical methods to study the Earth's composition, atmosphere, internal make-up, oceans, electrical and other fields.

Geophysicists are involved in field investigations, measuring, examining, and exploring the physical properties of the earth, from below the ground to the atmosphere or from the depths of the ocean to the tops of volcanoes. They play a vital role in environmental studies, archaeological excavations, water resource management, forensic investigations, studying the Earth's climate, and predicting natural phenomena like earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, and tsunamis.

Geophysicists use radar, dynamite, computers, magnetometers, and gravimeters to examine the physical aspects of the earth. Their duties include using software to create and interpret two and three-dimensional geophysical data, identifying and evaluating sites, generating prospective locations, recommending coordinates, and documenting assumptions and calculations. They also review and write contracts and specifications for geophysical work, including budgets and timelines, and create and verify seismic, amplitude versus offset (AVO), and other types of models to assess feasibility, safety, and returns.


Work Environment

  • Geophysicists may work independently or as essential members of a geoscience team. Positions vary in responsibility, location, and content. Some geophysicists spend most of their time working indoors, using computers for data modeling and calculations. Others work outdoors, conducting earth studies, including those who use their skills to find resources such as oil, copper, iron, and other minerals. Work may also include research to study the structure of the earth and determine its evolution or to study other physical aspects of the earth, such as earthquakes or the ocean.
  • Some geophysicists work on studying the earth's properties related to environmental hazards. Still, others may perform evaluation studies to determine if proposed sites are suitable for construction projects, such as dams and power plants. A typical day could be quite varied, depending on the position. Outdoor studies might include field trips to various locations to conduct on-site surveys.

Is This Career Right For You?

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Entry Level Education

To start on a career as a Geophysicist, candidates should meet the following entry-level education requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science, Geophysics, or Geology with a strong background in Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science.
  • Masters Degree M.A, M.Sc. in Geology.
  • Ph.D. in Geology.



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