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Entrepreneurship Counselling

To be an entrepreneur is a great idea for various reasons including wealth-creation. If you are really good at your job, and your employer is giving you more and more responsibility, then why can’t you be an entrepreneur for similar kinds of products & services? Top executives of fast growing companies literally work just like entrepreneurs. Depending on your personality and domain expertise, you may become an entrepreneur or a part of an entrepreneurial team. Many technical people (subject matter experts) with business acumen have also created big enterprises world-over.

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Career Challenges for Mid-Career Executives

Funding and Financial Constraints

Acquiring sufficient capital to start and grow a business is a major challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs, as securing investments or loans can be difficult without an established track record or collateral.

Market Competition and Differentiation

Standing out in a competitive market is crucial. Entrepreneurs must develop a unique value proposition, create a strong brand identity, and offer superior products or services to differentiate themselves from existing competitors.

Uncertainty and Risk Management

Entrepreneurship involves navigating uncertainties, such as changing market dynamics and economic fluctuations. Effective risk management, quick adaptation, and informed decision-making are essential to overcome these challenges.

Building a Strong Team and Scalability

Entrepreneurs face the task of building a talented team and ensuring efficient collaboration as their business grows. Scaling operations while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction requires strategic planning and execution.

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Overcome Challenges and Achieve Success

Unlocking the Path to Entrepreneurial Success

We offer resources and guidance on funding, market research, and differentiation strategies. Providing courses on risk management and connects entrepreneurs with mentors. SetMyCareer platform also facilitates networking and team building, while offering scalability insights and business development support. With SetMyCareer, entrepreneurs can navigate challenges more effectively and grow their businesses while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.

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How we do it

Map Your Career Journey in 3 Simple Steps

STEP - 1

Career Tests & Reports
You can complete your online career tests at the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your time. You can also Immediately download your Career Reports and understand the same through the explainer videos by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi.

STEP - 2

Reports Analysis & Discussion
Our career counsellor will analyse your data, understand your profile and get ready for the live interaction. The career counsellor will explain your report, clear doubts and answer questions relating to your career.

STEP - 3

Career Options & Recommendations
Discuss and finalize the blueprint of your career path which explains - the right decisions & strategy to be applied, job roles & industry to get into, career transition the right way, other decisions to grow in your career which brings happiness followed by success in your career journey.
Plans & Pricing

Ideal Career Plans for Every Ambitious Individual

Book a 30-min Consultation With Our Expert

Our expert career advisors will assess your current standing and guide you towards the next steps, empowering you to plan your career strategically and turn your dreams and aspirations into reality.

650.00/ Student

Career Leadership

for right industry & role

6,900/ Executive

1 Counselling Session
60-min Duration
2 Psychometric Assessments
2 Career Reports
Career Path Recommendations
1 Follow-up Call
Detailed Report Interpretation
Session(s) With Dr. Rathi

Career Leadership

for right industry, role & long-term career

8,900/ Executive

2 Counselling Sessions
60-min Duration x 2 Sessions
3 Psychometric Assessments
3 Career Reports
Career Path Recommendations
1 Follow-up Call
Detailed Report Interpretation
Session(s) With Dr. Rathi

Career Leadership

for right industry, role & long-term career

12,900/ Executive

2 Counselling Sessions
60-min Duration x 2 Sessions
3 Psychometric Assessments
3 Career Reports
Career Path Recommendations
1 Follow-up Call
Detailed Report Interpretation
Session(s) With Dr. Rathi
Our Psychometric Assessments

Get Your True Potential Measured Scientifically

Career Tests are vital for guiding educational and career choices, helping individuals identify a lot of insights about themselves. Accurate results are crucial to prevent misguided decisions, ensuring assessments are well-designed, standardized, and regularly updated.

Proper administration and interpretation by qualified professionals are key to mitigate biases and errors. In essence, accurate psychometric assessments empower individuals to make informed decisions, aligning their interests, personality and abilities with their educational and career goals for greater success and satisfaction.

Our Assessments
Psychmetric Assessments
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Avoid Setbacks & Thrive in Your Business

3 Major Points to Avoid for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs, there are three crucial points to avoid. Firstly, neglecting market research can lead to launching products or services that don't meet customer needs or entering saturated markets without a competitive edge. Secondly, ignoring cash flow management can result in financial instability and missed growth opportunities. Lastly, neglecting customer feedback and engagement can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and a loss of market relevance. By paying attention to these areas, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of success by aligning their offerings with market demands, maintaining financial stability, and fostering strong customer relationships.

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working professionals
Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize Business Success

Why Entrepreneurship Counseling is Essential for Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship counseling is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs as it provides guidance and support to make informed decisions. Firstly, it helps identify and evaluate business ideas, assessing their feasibility and potential for success. Secondly, counseling aids in creating a well-defined business plan, outlining strategies, goals, and a roadmap for implementation. Thirdly, it offers insights on market trends, competition, and customer preferences, enabling entrepreneurs to make informed choices. Additionally, counseling provides mentorship, helping entrepreneurs navigate challenges, develop essential skills, and build resilience. Ultimately, entrepreneurship counseling empowers individuals to make the right choices, enhancing their chances of entrepreneurial success.

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Explore More FAQs

Career break is a part and parcel of professional life, for various reasons. This is reflected in the CV as a gap and questioned in the interview. But there is no reason to worry, provided you start in the right direction. While looking for a job, you need to be very clear about the role you like to take up and the industry of your preferred interest. The same should be reflected in your CV and interview pitch.

We strongly recommend you to get into the right role in the right industry after your career break. This has to be a new beginning for you in the right direction. Basically, ‘new’ means the right one, and maybe different from the past. This should prove to be your long term career, that gives you success and satisfaction. We help you in identifying your right possibilities.

Our process is based on a very scientific approach, similar to what multinational companies (MNCs) follow while recruiting the candidates. We assess your potential based on your talent and passion to recommend you the right career options. There is a qualitative as well as quantitative measurement of your profile, with a 360 degree approach to defining your long term career path.

It is very obvious to lose confidence when you do not work for a long time. In fact, the longer the break, the lower the confidence. However, people who have clarity about their career and are good at it, do bounce back even after a long break. If the previous job was not ideally suited for you, then you may not like to start again in the same line of work. Whatever is the case, one should understand oneself completely and take a long term path for a more successful, satisfied and stable career. Our services have helped thousands of people restart their careers with a big bang.

Our guidance process offers specialized psychometric assessments of international standards developed by a world renowned psychologist, Dr. Douglas Jackson, established in the USA. Our experts have 10+ years of industry experience and are duly certified to interpret the psychometric test reports, to come up with right career options for you. The fee is determined accordingly, but certainly not with a motive for profit.