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2 Reasons Why Jobseekers Should Take Career Assessments Seriously

By Dr. Nandkishore Rathi | updated on July 31, 2023

Job selection processes of most of the companies are getting more and more scientific day-by-day. Companies want ‘right-person’ for a ‘specific job role’. They start it with exact job-description (JD) that outlines ‘what is expected of a person’, what kind of education, skills, knowledge, behaviour, and expertise are required to perform the job. Once the candidate is shortlisted, a few rounds of interviews are conducted. The interviewers ask various questions to ensure the ‘person’ will be able to perform the work effectively. But all said and done, the interview process has subjectivity in it.

A candidate with good communication and verbal skills can give a strong picture of his profile to impress the interviewer. But companies are also equally smart. To ensure the ‘presence’ of required qualities in candidates, they administer career assessment tools. There are various types of tools for different measurements like psychometric career test tool. These tools (tests) are an indirect measure of a person’s strengths, behavioural expertise, technical competence, attitude, aptitude, work ethics as well as interpersonal orientation.

As per Harvard Business Review “76% of companies having more than 100 employees use career assessments while hiring. Based on the level of the position, assessments are used for 80% of the senior positions, 72% of middle positions and 59% of entry-level positions”.

Just as the companies are ‘serious’ in identifying the right candidate, candidates too need to be serious in identifying the right role for themselves. Because even if one gets selected in a job at a good salary and designation, the day-to-day satisfaction, and short and long-term growth depends on a match between the characteristics of the job and candidate’s personality, passion, and competence. In such a case, sometimes ‘not getting selected is better’ because that probably is not the right job for the person in question.