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Empowering Success for 15 years

Career Management for Students, Graduates & Working Professionals

We are a team of professionals with varied backgrounds such as psychology, merchandizing, technology, human resources, general management, manufacturing, and education. We are passionate about our work, your career, and the science behind it. We are uncompromising when it comes to taking a stand towards your short-term as well as long-term career. We are obsessed with your happiness by guiding you to engage with the right subjects and right work. We emphasize on holistic Career Development & Career Coaching i.e. end-to-end rather than piece meal. We educate you on critical success factors (CSFs) in a particular field of study or work.

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To help every student and industry executive make the right decision pertaining to educational and professional career choices through a scientifically driven but empathetically addressed methodology aimed at long term career success and happiness.

To create an impact on the lives of at least 10 million individuals, in the next 10 years, by creating a value in their academic and professional endeavours by serving them through scientific counselling and guidance.


To Empower Your Career Journey for Greater Success

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What Sets Us Apart

Discover the SetMyCareer Impact

We have created 40,000+ success stories of students and industry executives from different countries across the globe who are currently working in the career path that is recommended for them. SetMyCareer commits to provide a truly personalized experience for each of our clients. We understand that every individual is unique, and unlike most, we believe that a "one-size-fits-all" approach simply doesn't work when it comes to Career Counselling. Designed to help you achieve success on your own terms, we believe this is what sets us apart from other career counseling services.

So far we have served a wide variety of clients that include students who are academically gifted or average, motivated or casual, practical or intellectual, focused or distracted, and confident or dependent. But more than student clients, we served their parents who come with their own opinions, personalities, dreams and aspirations. Among the industry executives, we have catered to people with 6 months to 32 years of work experience. It was quite challenging to set the careers of those who were laid off, women with career break, those wanting to pursue higher education, dissatisfied with the current work or organization culture, on the right track but wanting to grow higher & faster, etc. More interestingly, we have extensive breadth as well as depth, in terms of our client profiles. They came from IT to chemicals, textiles to fashion, oil & gas to building & construction, automobile to aviation, R&D to marketing, HR to operations, audit to investment banking, teaching to civil services, pilots to entrepreneurs, shipping to gymnasts and so on. Many clients express their satisfaction by writing reviews, giving a video feedback for sending the mails. These reviews can be seen on our Google page, youtube channel, and JustDial listing.

Strategic Orientation

Looking at the long term repercussions and outcomes of educational as well as professional career options that we analyze, discuss and recommend.

Scientific Approach

Arriving at the right career recommendations through highly validated and reliable psychometric tools, and well-structured qualitative discussion.

Clarity & Completeness

Analyzing data and asking questions to get complete clarity, and portraying a complete picture of the career, with no doubt left.


One thing that we give high weightage to, beyond scientifically measured data, is the ‘feelings’ and the ‘inner voice’ of an individual.

Integrity & Trust

Taking a stand in favor of one’s long-term success and wellbeing, even if it is ‘not pleasant’ to hear in the short-term, thereby building trust by speaking the truth.

Our Psychometric Assessments

Get Your True Potential Measured Scientifically

Psychometric assessments are vital for guiding educational and career choices, helping individuals identify a lot of insights about themselves. Accurate results are crucial to prevent misguided decisions, ensuring assessments are well-designed, standardized, and regularly updated.

Proper administration and interpretation by qualified professionals are key to mitigate biases and errors. In essence, accurate psychometric assessments empower individuals to make informed decisions, aligning their interests, personality and abilities with their educational and career goals for greater success and satisfaction.

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