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How To Become a Performing Artist

Published By Team Setmycareer on Sep 15, 2023

How To Become a Performing Artist

Performers are responsible for entertaining others during a performance. There are many careers that fall under the category of the performing arts. These include composing and playing music, choreography, dancing, acting, directing and producing, among other forms of expression and entertainment. While activities vary by career, most of the performing arts involve a specific talent or skill that is used to entertain a live or remote audience, which can include filmed and televised shows or musical recordings.

While each discipline is associated with a specific skill set, all performing artists are expected to be creative and persistent and excel in developing interpersonal relationships. Physical stamina and teamwork are key for actors and dancers; Those pursuing careers in the dramatic arts should have good memorization, reading and writing skills.

In addition to discipline and musical talent, musicians and singers will need to know how to promote themselves. Students who are interested in careers as producers and directors should develop skills in communication and management.


Work Environment

  • Performer’s works in a variety of contexts. Some may work full-time in their chosen field for a particular performing arts organization. Others may undertake short-term or contract work, performing a particular piece for a short season and then moving on to another job (sometimes in a completely different industry). Many entertainers work sporadically or part-time, and need to supplement their income with other types of work. Some entertainers chose to tour their act, taking it throughout the State, around the country or across the globe performing for new audiences in different locations. They often need to work to strict deadlines, and conditions may be stressful.

Is This Career Right For You?

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Entry Level Education

  • Formal Training in Music, Acting, and Dancing are recommended.
  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts programs.



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