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Passion Vs Perfection

By Dr. Nandkishore Rathi | Published on Jun 15, 2016

Perfect people try to do everything perfectly as per the cook book recipe. They are interested in following the norms, rules, guidelines, procedures etc. They don't like ambiguity. They follow structure. They follow science.

In the context of career, if they have chosen a course as per their academic interest, they do very well in academics. At job also, they try to do everything perfectly. Here they may face problems, if they just follow the rule book. The reason being, nothing at work is as clearly defined as a subject/course in academics. Every problem and its subsequent solution is 'multi-disciplinary', requiring more than the rule book of just 'science' of the things.

However, if a person chooses the job (after right academics) as per his deep interest (passion) and personality, he is likely to be more creative in solving the issues at work that are small or big in magnitude. This is the 'right job' for him as his thinking goes beyond the 'science' of things (what) to 'art of things (why & how).

In a nutshell, 'passion' is much bigger than mere 'perfection' and hence able to address the issues that are much bigger and complex.

E.g. You can notice the difference between a person who learns classical music just out of interest (hobby), and the one who learns out of passion. The person with passion will add his 'art' (style) to the science of music and make his mark in the field of music. Moreover, he is himself enjoying the recital or playing of an instrument. He doesn't struggle to remember the notations & compositions; and focuses on being creative & innovative to the extent of writing own compositions. Similarly, a dancer who learned the 'steps' but 'not feeling the moves at the heart vs the one with passion for dance. A passionate teacher who transfers knowledge, & clarify the concepts, or a manager with real 'people orientation' vs just 'management of people'. In summary, one grows in any field to the highest level, when one is a true expert knowing multiple facets of his work (domain). Mere knowledge or skills pose a limitation for growth.