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How To Become a Merchant Navy

Published By Team Setmycareer on Sep 17, 2023

Discover How To Become a Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy Officers are employed by commercial shipping companies to work on all kinds of seagoing vessels, such as cruise liners, cargo ships, tankers and hovercraft. As a Deck Officer, will be responsible for navigating the ship using state-of-the-art radar and GPS systems, monitoring weather reports, listening to broadcasts given by majesty’s coastguard, and using on-board communication systems to liaise with other crew members. Further to oversee the operational responsibilities of the crew, such as the loading of cargo and the use of machinery. Consequently, they also be responsible for making sure everyone complies with rigorous health and safety policies.

As an Engineering Officer, they lead the team of on-board marine engineers who are responsible for maintaining the ship’s machinery, making repairs and overseeing the operation of propulsion, fuel and waste systems. They also conduct inspections on a regular basis to make sure everything on the ship is functioning effectively.

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Work Environment

  • Merchant Navy Officers spend a large part of their professional life on ships in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, becoming a Merchant Navy officer is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a career path. Shift work is the norm. Consequently, you will be required to work evenings and weekends on a regular basis. Aspiring Merchant Navy officers should also be prepared to work in adverse weather conditions from time to time.

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Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree B.Sc. Nautical Science, B.E. Marine Engineering, B.E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, B.E. Mechanical Engineering, B.E. Harbour & Ocean Engineering.
  • Courses after 10th Near Coastal Voyage (NCV), Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS), Commercial Diving, G.P. Rating.
  • Post Gratuate Diploma in Marine Engineering (PGDME)
  • (AIMNET) All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test.



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