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How To Become an Human Resources Manager (Recruitment)

Published By Team Setmycareer on Sep 20, 2023

Discover How To Become an Human Resources Manager (Recruitment)

Agriculture Engineer

Human Resources Manager – Recruitment are directly responsible for supplying a skilled workforce to their companies. They do this by scouting, recruiting, interviewing and orientating employees into the work environment. Their job may involve a lot of traveling. They often visit high schools and colleges to conduct presentations and attract prospective workers. Recruitment Managers also send out information to media and communication companies, and also to employment agencies. Some companies post jobs to in-house staff and this communiqué is often prepared or approved by the Manager. The manager manages and leads the recruitment process and the overall utilization of HR Recruiters. Additionally, the manager is fully responsible for the development of the recruitment process and the implementation of recruitment innovations. The manager solves all issue evolving during hiring job vacancies and takes all managerial decisions. The recruitment manager is responsible for the full utilization of the social media recruitment and the entire social media communication of HR. The manager should decide about the targeted niches and the content of the social media messages. Human Resources Manager – Recruitment designs, develops and maintains the recruitment process in the organization (including its description, recruitment measurement definitions, regular measurement reporting, taking proper actions to close gaps). They also designs the selection matrix for choosing the optimum recruitment channel and recruitment source, explores the market best practices in the recruitment and staffing and implement appropriate best practices in the organization. They builds a quality relationship with the internal customers and external recruitment agencies. Monitoring and constantly reducing the costs of the recruitment process is also included in their duties.


Work Environment

  • Human Resources Recruitment Manager can work for an employment agency which has a physical location, and where a job candidate can visit. Manager that work for executive search firms may attend trade shows, college job fairs and other meetings nationally or even internationally that may be attended by potential candidates and hiring managers. Human resource manager recruitment can work for a variety of different organizations across a large range of industries across the public and private sector. They usually work based in an office environment. Human resources managers usually work regular business hours, but may be required to work shift work, weekends and public holidays, depending on the industry they work in.

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Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree in Business Administration with HR Specialization.



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