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How To Become a Game Designer - Guide

Published By Team Setmycareer on Sep 26, 2023

Discover How To Become a Game Designer

Game Designer

A Game Designer is an individual who designs the structure of a game including how it will be played and what the rules will be.

He or she may create one or more of many types of games, including tabletop games, card games, and board games, but the most common type currently developed are video games.

Over the years, as video games have gained popularity, game designing is dominated by complex games played on computers, electronic devices, and other gaming consoles. Video gaming has evolved into a substantial industry.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a game designer should have a passion for games, both digital and nondigital. Game designing requires the ability to come up with new ideas and concepts, and the ambition to make something enjoyable and fun.People who do this job need the capacity to think in the abstract and be multidimensional.

Video Game Designers are typically members of a gaming company's product development team, which may consist of artists, storyboard writers, Animators and lead designers. Game designers are most heavily involved in the enhancing the aesthetics of video games or how they look and feel to the consumer. The responsibilities of designers may vary. They troubleshoot for bugs and other problems within the design of gaming systems, develop intricate features (such as game-play control, multiplayer and user interface), conduct collisions tests to improve graphic content and carry out rigorous quality assessments.


Work Environment

  • Game Designers may work for major in areas such as social networking, telecommunications, e-commerce, government, banking and even the military. Designers have the opportunity to see their work evolve into a reality, which can be very rewarding because games have ability to bring immense pleasure to people. Most video game designers who are employees instead of contractors work in office environments. They may work in cubicles or in their own offices. When a new game is being released or the company otherwise needs extra work, game designers may work longer hours.

Steps to Become a Game Designer

  1. Education:

    • High School Preparation
    • Bachelor's Degree:

      • Game Design
      • Computer Science
      • Computer Engineering
      • Art and Animation
  2. Learn Game Design Skills:

    • Game Design Software
    • Programming
    • Art and Animation
    • Storytelling
  3. Build a Portfolio:

    • Create your own game projects or contribute to indie game development teams.
    • Showcase your work, including concept art, level designs, coding projects, and game prototypes.
  4. Networking:

    • Attend game development conferences, conventions, and local meetups.
    • Connect with industry professionals, fellow game designers, and potential mentors.
  5. Internships and Entry-Level Positions:

    • Look for internships or entry-level positions at game development studios.
    • Roles like quality assurance (QA) tester, level designer, or junior programmer can be stepping stones to a game design career.
  6. Continuing Education:

    • Consider pursuing a master's degree in game design or a related field.
    • Continuously update your skills and stay informed about industry trends.
  7. Apply for Game Designer Positions:

    • Craft a compelling resume and cover letter highlighting your skills and experiences.
    • Apply for game designer positions at studios or companies that align with your interests and goals.
  8. Interviews and Portfolios:

    • Prepare for interviews that may include design challenges or critiques of your portfolio.
    • Be ready to discuss your design philosophy and demonstrate your understanding of game design principles.
  9. Start Your Career:

    • Once hired as a game designer, collaborate with cross-functional teams to bring game concepts to life.
    • Continuously learn, adapt, and grow in your role to contribute to successful game development projects.

Is This Career Right For You?

Are you feeling uncertain about your career path? Not sure which direction to take? Take the first step towards a fulfilling future

Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor's Degree in Game Design, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science, Psychology, Film and Media Studies, Graphic Designer.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Game Designer

Pros Cons
  • Creative Expression: Game design allows you to unleash your creativity and bring unique ideas to life.
  • Passion for Games: If you love playing games, it's a chance to turn your passion into a career.
  • High Demand: The gaming industry continues to grow, leading to a demand for skilled game designers.
  • Collaborative Work: You get to collaborate with talented professionals in various fields like art, programming, and storytelling.
  • Potential for High Income: Experienced game designers can earn competitive salaries.
  • High Competition: The industry is competitive, making it challenging to secure positions, especially for beginners.
  • Long Hours: Game development often involves tight deadlines, leading to long working hours and potential crunch periods.
  • Job Stability: Job stability can be uncertain, especially in smaller studios where projects may be canceled.
  • Technical Challenges: Game design may require mastering complex software and coding skills.
  • Creative Burnout: Constantly generating new ideas and staying innovative can lead to creative burnout.


Becoming a game designer requires dedication, a strong skill set, and a commitment to continuous learning. Whether you're drawn to crafting engaging narratives, designing captivating gameplay mechanics, or shaping immersive worlds, the journey to becoming a game designer is a rewarding one for those with a true passion for gaming and a willingness to overcome its associated challenges.



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