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How To Become a Data Architect

Published By Team Setmycareer on Aug 02, 2023

How To Become a Data Architect

Data architects are senior visionaries who convert market criteria into technical specifications and develop data standards and concepts. The data architect is in charge of visualizing and developing the organizational information management system for a company. This system outlines the procedures for planning, specifying, enabling, creating, acquiring, maintaining, using, archiving, retrieving, controlling, and purging info. Additionally, the data architect provides a typical generic market language, describes tactical criteria, and describes largely structured projects to fulfill those specifications.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Must possess at least 50% aggregate from a recognized institution in 12th, from any board PUC/CBSE/ICSE/ISC, etc. However, the cut-off margin varies with the selection process of different colleges.
  • A Bachelor's degree in computer science can prove to be advantageous, but it offers a comprehensive overview of all facets of computer application rather than an emphasis on Data Architecture. There are no entrance exams conducted to validate the performance of Data Architects.
  • One must acquire a degree/diploma or certification in a recognized establishment to become a web developer. This is a basic qualification you must require to enroll in this line of work.
  • An M.Tech in Data Architecture can also prove to be helpful while looking for a higher degree and extensive learning.

Tasks to perform

  • Create strategies for combining various items so that they operate normally combined, such as customising industrial databases to meet individual requirements.
  • Establish server architecture solutions to meet enterprise or enterprise needs at the modelling, design, and deployment phases.
  • Create and code rational and specific database representations, as well as designate database markers to management solutions or guide those in the process of coding descriptions.
  • Consider customer or market specifications, collaborate with system technicians, software architects, concept consultants, and others.
  • Create an information template, by implementing protocols by using a pen, blueprint, or computer programme to describe data components and the processes.

Knowledge required

  • Apprehension of Physics — Awareness and interpretation of physical concepts, laws, their cross relationships, and applications for understanding liquid, substance, and tropospheric mechanics, and structural, electronic, atomic, and micro functions and procedures.
  • Computer Application — Understanding the prospects and functioning of circuit boards, processing units, circuits, electrical devices, computer equipment, plus applications and programming.
  • Arithmetic Prowess — Being able to evaluate and interpret various mathematical equations and use them to address complex problems in arithmetic, geometry, calculus, and other areas.
  • Science and Development — Understanding of the practical applications of engineering in research and development This involves using concepts, processes, processes, and machinery to produce and manufacture different products and resources.
  • English Grammar — Familiarity in English Grammar of the form and substance of the English language, along with the context and pronunciation of words, principles of grammar and language.

Skills required

  • Selective Attentiveness — Focusing on key tasks that require utmost priority over a period of time without being liable to interruptions or distractions.
  • Surveillance — Means keeping track of and reviewing your own, other people's, or organisations' results in order to make changes or take disciplinary measures.
  • Cultural Insightfulness — Entails staying mindful of other people's responses and comprehending that they respond the way they do.
  • Visual Recognition — Determining the image or the presentation of a device after being moved or rearranged.
  • Process Assessment — Entails identifying metrics or indices of service quality as well as the steps required to enhance or change effectiveness in relation to the system's objectives.

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Job roles offered

Once you procure the required qualifications for becoming a Data Architect, a myriad of options are open to you. There are multiple projects you can undertake throughout this line of work, and there are many other fields you can branch out to as well.

  • Data Analyst: Data Analysts add value to their organizations by gathering information on particular subjects and then interpreting, analyzing, and reporting conclusions in concise reports. Most diverse kinds of companies depend on data analysts for assistance. As specialists, data analysts are sometimes called upon to offer strategic intelligence and detect patterns inside markets by using their expertise and resources. The functions and duties of a data analyst are determined by the type of organization for which they operate. If it is an e-commerce business, the data gathered will include prior sales data, consumer engagement, product reviews, and other information.
  • Database Engineers: Database engineers, who may serve as server or systems software developers, are often hired by information system firms to build and track large datasets. They must ensure that a database is usable and that it contains accurate and appropriate data. Working as a database developer necessitates a thorough knowledge of computer applications, database systems, and coding. For entry-level positions, many companies often need a bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar discipline.
  • Data Warehouse Architect: A Data Warehouse Architect is in charge of developing document management systems and collaborating with traditional data warehouse tools to create strategies that better serve a company or organisation. A data warehouse architect, like other related positions, frequently considers customer demands or organizational priorities and seeks to create a particular infrastructure that will be managed to fulfil the particular specified objectives.
  • Infrastructure Architect: An Infrastructure Architect plan and construct data programs to help a corporation's architecture. They provide the technological resources essential for the implementation of modern infrastructure hardware and software specifications. These experts must have a solid understanding of system management and program advancement. They must've been able to collaborate with the company while still attending to their technological demands and standards.
  • Chief Data Officer: The Chief Data Officer is in charge of leading the vision, policy, and implementation of the Data and Analytics Department. The Chief Data Officer seeks to guarantee that the organization is operating in a way that allows for long-term market success and stability, absorption enhancers by better data systems, continuous data hygiene and guidance, and effective data management and operation. The Chief Data Officer is responsible for developing the strategic direction of the data and analytics group, controlling the business's data processing plan, and attracting the funds required to see the department's vision forward.

Career opportunities

Data Architects can opt for various fields of work in the companies listed below:

  • Infostretch Corporation
  • Daimler
  • Roljobs Technology Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Happiest Minds Technologies.
  • iNVERTEDi IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd.
  • FRATITUDE Talent Advisors.
  • American Express
  • Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited.
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Uber
  • IBM
  • Google

Colleges offering courses

  • Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
  • Amity University, Noida
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  • St. Xaviers College, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani



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