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How To Become a Bank Probationary Officer

Published By Team Setmycareer on Aug 25, 2023

How To Become a Bank Probationary Officer

A Bank Probationary Officer is the starting level appointment for bank personnel. They have one or two years of probation (on condition/can be removed anytime) period during which they are exposed to various banking functions like loans and advances, foreign exchange, credit rating, risk management, marketing, etc. When a candidate is selected for the post of Probationary Officer (PO) in a bank, he/she is offered the post of Assistant Manager (AM) or Deputy Manager (DM) after the probation period of a PO is complete. The probation period continues for 2 years after which the designation of AM or DM is offered. Before the completion of the probation period, which is for 2 years, he/she can be asked to perform any kind of bank related activity; it can be the clerk or assistant type of job. This is done to get them acquainted with various working procedures of the bank. The work of a Bank PO also includes managerial tasks, such as supervision of clerical work, taking decisions for the benefit of the bank, managing cash balance etc. PO has to verify all the work done by bank clerk. All the transactions of bank involve the role of maker and checker. For example, in cash transactions, if clerk is the maker, then the PO is the checker; in case of loans, generally he/she is the maker and bank manager is the checker. The responsibility of losses resides with the checker. Another responsibility of PO is to work as public relations officer, handle customer complaints and address various customer related issues such as discrepancies in accounts, rectification of undue charges and look into complaints regarding services provided by the bank.


Work Environment

  • Bank Probationary Officer usually work in comfortable surroundings and put in a standard workweek. Working conditions also vary according to where the employee works. Employees in a typical branch work weekdays, some evenings if the bank is open late, and Saturday mornings. Hours may be longer for workers in bank branches located in grocery stores and shopping malls, which are open most evenings and weekends. Branch office jobs, particularly teller positions, require continual communication with customers, repetitive tasks, and a high level of attention to security.

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Entry Level Education

  • Bachelor Degree is the basic qualification.
  • Candidate need to qualify the exam taken by banks.



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