Career as a Professor

A Professor is someone who instructs students in a wide variety of academic and vocational subjects beyond the high school level. They also conduct research and publish scholarly papers and books. They work in public and private colleges and universities, professional schools, junior or community colleges, and career and vocational schools. Professor teach courses in a wide variety of subjects, such as chemistry, culinary arts, and nursing and Work with students who are studying for a degree or a certificate or certification or are taking classes to improve their knowledge or career skills. They develop a curriculum for their course and ensure that it meets college and department standards and plan lessons and assignments. They assess students’ progress by grading papers and tests. Professors keep up with developments in their field by reading scholarly articles, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences. To gain tenure (a guarantee that a professor cannot be fired without just cause), they must do research, such as experiments, document analysis, or critical reviews, and publish their findings. Full-time professors, particularly those who have tenure, often are expected to spend more time on their research. They also may be expected to serve on more college and university committees. Part-time professors, often known as adjunct professors, spend most of their time teaching students. A full-time professor may teach only one course closely related to his or her special interests. Other courses may be lower-division and more general. Professors may teach small groups or lecture in large halls. Each course requires devising a syllabus, presenting material in class, responding to students as a class and as individuals, grading exams and papers and evaluating student performance.

  • Classes are generally held during the day. Some are held on nights and weekends to accommodate students who have jobs or family obligations. Many professors do not teach classes in the summer, but they use that time to conduct research or to travel. Professors’ schedules are generally flexible. They need to be on campus to teach classes and keep office hours.

  • PHD in respective subject.

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