Career as a Librarian

A Librarian is a professional trained in information science. Working at a school, a local library, or even for the government, a librarian aides those in need of informational articles and services while managing and organizing those materials as well. Librarians are responsible for collecting, managing and maintaining library materials. In addition to print materials such as books and newspapers, modern libraries also include CDs, videos and DVDs, electronic copies of books and journals, sound recordings and microfilms. Librarians typically help people in search of information and conducting research. Depending on the size and type of library one is employed at would determine the various duties performed. On average, librarians are responsible for the organization of materials and the use and development of databases of library materials. Librarians would research new materials and books by reading catalogs, publisher’s announcements, and book reviews. Some may train library technicians, volunteer workers, and personal assistants. They may be responsible for preparing library budgets. A Librarian’s duties would become more specialized if one worked as a corporate librarian, for example as their work may include helping insurance companies or publishers and consulting firms by conducting research. This would apply as well to a medical, law, government, or academic librarian, in that each area would have particular requirements and duties of its own. A Librarian should be skilled in communication, problem solving, reading, and technology. They should have interpersonal skills as well. A librarian should have initiative because with the changes in technology and resources they would need to motivate themselves to remain current in their knowledge.

  • Working conditions can vary greatly between libraries, depending on the size, location and type. Librarians working in larger libraries may specialize in certain areas, such as acquisitions, electronic services or they may have expertise about a particular subject. Librarians in these larger libraries may be required to work evenings and on weekends. Librarians in smaller libraries, where there will be fewer staff, will be responsible for managing many/all aspects of the library's operation.

  • Bachelor Degree in Library Science.

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