Career as a Beautician

Beautician is trained certified professionals who apt to take care of beauty and health needs of individuals. Beauticians are responsible for enhancing their customers' appearances by offering a variety of services. They may be tasked with styling hair as well as providing other services such as manicures, pedicures and hair removal. When working with clients they often inspect a person's skin, hair and scalp condition. If they find anything that needs to be addressed they will make recommendations for treatment. Beauticians are licensed professionals who work to improve a client's personal appearance through external methods, including hair, nail and skin care. Some work in specialty areas such as personal styling and makeup application. The term 'beautician' can encompass many specializations, with esthetics and cosmetology being the most common. Beauticians may cut, color and style hair to enhance a client's appearance. Some beauticians, such as aestheticians, provide skin care, nail care and hair removal treatments. Beauticians may specialize in certain areas, such as makeup application, nail art, color analysis or personal styling services. Beauticians work one-on-one with clients, requiring above-average customer service skills and a genuine enjoyment for working closely with other people. Excellent communication skills are required, as well as the ability to listen and comprehend what a client desires. A beautician must be able to multi-task and manage time, providing ample attention to each client and limiting customer wait time. Because a beautician works standing up for extended periods, stamina is a must.

  • As a Beautician, they might be employed by a salon, or they might lease a chair or a booth from a salon owner. If they lease a work space, they probably won't be provided with healthcare insurance or have taxes withheld from their check; instead, they take care of these services. They might also pay a fee to the salon owner for the leased space. To advance as a beautician, they become proficient in business and marketing areas and open your own salon. Those who work in day spas and resorts may experience a more comfortable work environment. Individuals who work in hair salons may spend a long day on their feet, with continuous exposure to cosmetic chemicals such as hair color, permanent solution and others.

  • Diploma and Certificate Courses in Beauty and Hair Care
  • A Beautician requires practical skills, which can be gained by Professional Training.

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