Career as a Bartender

A Bartender is someone who mixes and serves drinks to customers, either directly from patrons at the bar, or through waiters and waitresses who place drink orders for dining room customers. They must know a wide range of drink recipes and be able to mix drinks accurately, quickly, and without waste. Some establishments, especially busy establishments with many customers, use equipment that automatically measures, pours, and mixes drinks at the push of a button. Bartenders who use this equipment, however, still must work quickly to handle a large quantity of drink orders and be familiar with the ingredients for special drink requests. In some establishments they may also use carbonated beverage dispensers, cocktail shakers or accessories, commercial strainers, mist or trigger sprayers, and ice shaver machines. In addition to mixing and serving drinks, bartenders stock and prepare garnishes for drinks and maintain an adequate supply of ice and other bar supplies. They also may wash glassware and utensils, and serve food to customers who eat at the bar. They are typically responsible for ordering and maintaining an inventory of liquor, mixers, and other bar supplies. The duties of Bartender includes to deliver a consistently high level of customer service to each client and maintain a safe environment by identifying problem clients and having them removed and keep bar area clean in accordance with the company’s guidelines as well as the requirements of the local health department. They need to maintain an accurate cash drawer throughout the night and be able to account for any and all discrepancies in the final drawer tally, mix all drinks based on the serving sizes as outlined in the company manual to keep drink costs at a minimum. They also develop an efficient work pace that keeps the customers at the bar and in the dining room satisfied at all times.

  • Bartenders work in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and other food service establishments.

  • Course in Hotel Management.
  • Certification course in Bartending.

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