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Vaishnavi Desai

Vaishnavi Desai

Career Navigator Content Strategist Editorial Team Member
Expertise:   Career Counselling, Career Transition, Content Writing, Resume Reviews, Interview Preparation, Industry Readiness, LinkedIn Enhancement/Optimization, I/O Psychology, Soft Skills Training
Education:  BA Psychology, PGD Human Resource Management, MSc Behavioral Science
Languages:  English, Hindi, Gujarati
Experience:  3+ years
  • Authored and Published Over 5 Research Papers in the Mental Health Field
  • Served as Research Assistant (On Grant) at Christ University
  • Distinction With Gold Medal in MSc Behavioural Science


"“From a young age, I have been driven by an insatiable curiosity and a supportive ecosystem that encouraged me to pursue my dreams. It was this combination that led me to embark on a career journey in psychology. As the years passed, I realized that I harbor an equal love for writing, and it was then that I decided to merge these two passions, allowing me to experience the best of both worlds.” "

— Vaishnavi Desai - Content Strategist


Vaishnavi is a highly skilled writer and strategist who seamlessly transitioned from her role as a Research Assistant during her Master's to pursuing her true calling in writing. With over 3 years of experience as a writer, she has collaborated with diverse organizations, showcasing her expertise both as a team member and a consultant. Vaishnavi's keen interest in analyzing human habits and behaviors has fueled her passion for crafting compelling short pieces on pop culture and internet behavior.

Passion and Expertise

Writing is more than just a skill for Vaishnavi; it's her life's passion. With a background in Psychology, she combines her love for crafting captivating stories with a commitment to educating individuals about their careers. At SetMyCareer, Vaishnavi channels her expertise to empower and guide people in making informed and fulfilling career choices through various narratives. Additionally, Vaishnavi is a skilled LinkedIn personal branding expert, recognized as a 'Top Writing Voice' on the platform. Through this platform, she aims to help individuals enhance their online presence and achieve bigger goals.