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Susena Nayak

Susena Nayak

Senior Career Navigator
Expertise:   Psychological counselling,Career counselling, Psychiatric counselling
Education:  BA, MA, MPhil- Clinical Psychology
Languages:  Odia, Hindi,English
Experience:  10+ years of experience


" I firmly believe in making mental health support readily accessible and available for everyone. My passion lies in assisting individuals in finding their path, whether it's in their career journey or their mental well-being. Together, we can pave the way towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. "

— Susena Nayak - Senior Career Navigator


Mr. Susena Nayak is a highly skilled clinical psychologist with an impressive educational background, holding an MPhil in Clinical Psychology. Based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, he has accrued five years of valuable experience in his field. What sets Mr. Nayak apart is his exceptional empathy and profound understanding of human emotions, allowing him to connect with his clients on a deep level. His ability to truly comprehend and address the emotional aspects of his clients' concerns makes him an outstanding and compassionate practitioner in the field of clinical psychology.

Passion and Expertise

Susena Nayak is passionately dedicated to fostering a healthy mindset and enhancing support systems. With expertise in career counselling, psychiatric counselling, and psychological counselling, he excels at guiding individuals towards mental well-being. His passion lies in helping people discover new ways to achieve and maintain mental and emotional health.

Therapeutic Techniques

Susena Nayak has expertise in:

  • Talk Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT
  • DBT


  • State Level Training of Trainer Programme on Life Skill Education.
  • Workshop on Disability Guidelines and Certification Procedure.