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Sonali Korgaonkar

Sonali Korgaonkar

Career Navigator and Psychologist
Expertise: Career counselling, Psychological Counselling
Education:  BA Psychology, MA Psychology
Languages: English, Hindi and Marathi
Experience: 2+ years of Experience


"Help is just one step away, and all you have to do is ask. Asking for help is a testament to your strength, surpassing the resilience of many "

— Sonali Korgaonkar - Career navigator


Sonali, a dedicated counselling psychologist hailing from Kankavli, Maharashtra, possesses a deep knowledge for the well-being of individuals and their professional advancement. She actively engages in the dissemination of mental health awareness within rural areas and contributes to the development of India as a whole. With over two years of experience in the field of mental health, she brings valuable expertise to her work.

Passion and Expertise

Sonali's passion lies in the world of psychology, where she is deeply committed to her craft. Her fervour for the subject is evident in her constant quest to expand her knowledge and her status as an avid reader. She is not only an expert in various facets of psychology, including career counselling, psychotherapy, and couple counselling but also excels in helping individuals make informed decisions. Furthermore, one of her most cherished passions is guiding young individuals towards the right career path, enabling them to make informed and fulfilling choices for their future.

Therapeutic technique

  • RE & CBT
  • Psychology
  • Talk Therapy
  • Art Therapy


  • Career counselling-Loratis SetMyCareer
  • Advanced level Rational emotive behaviour therapy -Albert Ellis Institute