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Shraddha Lalith Rai

Senior Career Navigator
Expertise:   Career Counselling, Psychotherapy.
Education:  BA, PGD( Counselling) , MSc Clinical Psych
Languages:  English, Kannada
Experience:  4+ years of experience


" Healthcare is a fundamental right, and its reach should know no boundaries. I believe in making quality medical and mental health services accessible in every corner of India, with a special emphasis on rural areas. Ensuring the best medical facilities in remote regions is not just a priority; it's a commitment to the well-being and prosperity of our nation. "

— Shraddha Lalith Rai - Senior Career Navigator


Shraddha Lalith Rai is an exceptional counsellor, bringing both a solid educational foundation and extensive practical experience to her field. With a Master's degree in Psychology, she possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of the human mind and behaviour. With four years of hands-on experience in counselling, she has honed her skills to provide invaluable support to her clients. Her ability to combine her academic knowledge with real-world insights makes her a trusted and effective counsellor, helping individuals navigate life's challenges with empathy and expertise.

Passion and Expertise

Shraddha Lalith Rai is deeply committed to providing healthcare support in rural India. She excels in guiding teens and adults to make sound choices and is dedicated to helping individuals find the right career path. Her expertise spans career counselling, emotional support, health-related guidance, and mental wellness planning.

Therapeutic technique

  • Talk Therapy
  • Psychotherapy


  • Diploma in Counselling