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Tanya Dixit

Saumya Srivastava (RCI)

Career Navigator and Psychologist
Expertise: Career counselling, Psychological Counselling, adolescent counselling
Education:  BA,MA Psychology
Languages:  English, Hindi
Experience: 5+ years of Experience


"I aspire to a world where easy access to career counselling and mental health support empowers everyone to lead a fulfilling life aligned with their career aspirations"

— Saumya Srivastava - Career Navigator


Saumya is an experienced and highly knowledgeable psychologist who has quickly made a unique name for herself in the field. Her expertise extends to both mental health and career counselling, and she continually updates her extensive knowledge.

Passion and Expertise

She is deeply dedicated to the field of mental health and is committed to evolving into an exceptional counsellor. Her proficiency lies in career guidance and counselling, as well as a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including Client-Centred Therapy, Behavior Modification, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Supportive Psychotherapy, Cognitive Rehabilitation, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Therapeutic technique

  • CBT
  • Psycho Therapy
  • Talk Therapy


  • Career counselling-Loratis SetMyCareer
  • NLP Level -2 Certification
  • Member of American Psychological Association