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K. Shanthi Ramesh

Senior Career Navigator
Expertise:   Career Guidance, Psychology, HR & OB, Teaching and Mentoring
Education:  BSc, MSc (Psychology), MBA, PhD(On-going)
Languages: Tamil, English and Telugu
Experience:  20+ years of experience


" Love fuels resilience, and resilience fuels career growth. When you invest in both your personal and professional well-being, you're on the path to unstoppable success. "

— K. Shanthi Ramesh - Senior Career Navigator


K. Shanti is a highly skilled career counsellor and psychologist renowned for her personalized approach with clients. Her expertise lies in work-life balance counselling, stress management, mentoring, and guiding young adults and newcomers in their career development. In her capacity as a psychologist, she has excelled in CBT, talk therapy, and emotional well-being.

Passion and Expertise

Shanthi Ramesh's profound passion for psychology, career counselling, and personal growth fuels her journey as a dedicated expert. Her extensive expertise spans these realms, allowing her to guide individuals in understanding their inner selves, charting successful career paths, and fostering personal growth. She's a valuable resource for those seeking holistic development.

Therapeutic technique

  • Talk Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT


  • Online Management Course from IIM, Bangalore
  • Counselling Psychology from University of Toronto,Canada