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Pankaja Peshave

Pankaja Peshave

Senior Career Navigator
Expertise:   career counselling, Psychological counselling and Psychiatric counselling. Relationship Counselling/Premarital counselling- Compatibility assessment.
Education:  BA Psychology, MA Psychology
Languages: English, Marathi, Hindi
Experience: 5+ years of Experience


" I believe in the transformative power of positive psychology, where healing begins with a focus on strengths, resilience, and the potential for growth. "

— Pankaja Peshave - Career navigator


Pankaja Peshave, based in Pune's Kothrud area, boasts over 5 years of experience as a career counsellor and psychologist. With an MA in Psychology and proficiency in English, Marathi, and Hindi, she excels in career guidance, mentoring students, and assisting special children. Her qualifications include a Diploma in Counselling Psychology and A2 certification in graphology, reflecting her commitment to professional development.

Passion and Expertise

Pankaja, a dedicated career counsellor and psychologist, exudes an unwavering passion and deep expertise in the realm of industrial and counselling psychology research. Her extensive experience working with organizations such as Ab-normal Home, Yuvana Wellness, and Ryan International School has not only enriched her knowledge but also honed her skills. Her commitment to her field is evident in her ability to navigate complex research topics and provide invaluable guidance to individuals seeking to chart their professional and personal paths.

Therapeutic technique

  • Talk Therapy
  • Psychotherapy


  • Diploma in counselling psychology from (DES)
  • A2 in graphology