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Nivedita Kommajosyula

Senior Career Navigator
Expertise:   Psychological counselling, career counselling, Psychiatric counselling
Education:  BA, MA Psychology
Languages:  English, Hindi, Telugu
Experience:  1+ year of experience


"Recovering from trauma is difficult but not impossible. My mission is to help every individual overcome their hardship through empathetic and nurturing counselling methods, Remember, every saint had a past, and every sinner has a future. Let's embrace the journey of transformation and healing, because there's hope and potential within us all. "

— Nivedita Kommajosyula - Career Navigator


Ms. Kommajosyula Nivedita, holding an MA in Psychology, is a rising talent in the field of counselling in Hyderabad. Proficient in English, Hindi, and Telugu, she brings her unique expertise to R.P. Business Park. With one year of experience, Nivedita has already carved a niche for herself, specializing in trauma counselling. Her dedication to this area is evident through her numerous certifications, making her a trusted resource for individuals seeking support in overcoming traumatic experiences. Ms. Nivedita's commitment to her specialization sets her apart in the field of counselling.

Passion and Expertise

Nivedita Kommajosyula is deeply committed to enhancing mental health and facilitating individual career development. Her expertise shines in addressing trauma-based cases, assisting individuals in overcoming painful experiences, and coping with loss. Nivedita’s passion lies in providing vital support for those navigating the challenges of mental well-being and career advancement, offering guidance and assistance during times of distress and personal growth.

Therapeutic Techniques:

Nivedita Kommajosyula has expertise in:

  • CBT
  • Trauma based therapy
  • Talk therapy


  • Trauma-informed certificate and Emotionally focused therapy certificate.