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Kiran Makhijani

Senior Career Navigator RCI registered psychologist
Expertise:   Psychological counselling and Psychiatric counselling. Relationship Counselling/Premarital counselling- Compatibility assessment, career counselling
Education:  PGDMLS, MA: Clinical Psychology, BA: Clinical Psychology,
Languages:  Hindi, English
Experience:  7 years of experience


" Every challenge can find its solution with a bit of support. I'm here to offer guidance and unwavering support to young adults and adolescents on their journey to success. "

— Kiran Makhijani - Senior Career Navigator


Kiran Makhija is a seasoned therapist with 7 years of experience , holding experience as academic coordinator and mental health specialist. She is proficient in Hindi and English.In her areas of expertise, she delves into the intricate dynamics of aggression in children with special needs. Additionally, she explores the implementation of cognitive skills interventions for geriatrics, showcasing her versatility and unwavering dedication to addressing a wide range of mental health challenges. Kiran Won Most Distinguished Counsellor & Psychotherapist in Mumbai

Passion and Expertise

Kiran's expertise in CBT encompasses psychotherapy, where she assists individuals in managing emotional challenges. She specializes in cognitive skills training, facilitating the enhancement of problem-solving abilities. Additionally, Kiran is well-versed in cognitive hypnotic coaching, a unique approach that combines cognitive and hypnotic techniques to guide clients toward their goals. Her versatile skill set positions her as a highly valuable practitioner in the field of CBT.

Therapeutic technique:

Kiran Makhijani has expertise in:

  • Talk Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT


  • Counselling
  • CBT