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Dr. Divya Dhull

Senior Career Navigator
Expertise:   Psychological counselling and Psychiatric counselling. Relationship Counselling/Premarital counselling- Compatibility assessment, Career counselling
Education:  BA, MSc (Applied Psychology), PhD (Psychology)
Languages:  English, Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi
Experience:  11+ years of experience


" To harness your mind, first, harness your habits. The keys to unlocking your potential lie in the routines you create. "

— Dr. Divya Dhull - Senior Career Navigator


Divya Dhull, a seasoned career counselling professional with over 11 years of experience, resides in Mansarovar, Jaipur. Holding a PhD in Psychology and an MSc in Applied Psychology, she has enriched organizations such as Pawan Hans Helicopters, Baba Gurar Das Society, and Institute of Mental Health with her expertise in psychological counselling and teaching. Fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi, she also contributed to Vigyanshala, St. Teresa School, and Gyan Vihar University. Her IGNOU Counsel India certification further highlights her commitment to her field

Passion and Expertise

Divya Dhull's unwavering passion lies in understanding the emotional aspects of her clients' lives. Her expertise is rooted in providing holistic support, seamlessly combining career and mental health guidance. With a profound understanding of emotional well-being, she empowers clients to navigate life's challenges, fostering a balanced and fulfilling existence.

Therapeutic technique

  • Talk Therapy
  • Psychotherapy


  • Counsel India certification