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Divya Kalra

Divya Kalra

Career Navigator and Psychologist
Expertise: Career counselling, Psychological Counselling, adolescent counselling
Education:  BA, MA Psychology
Languages: English, Hindi
Experience: 2+ years of Experience


"I firmly believe that maintaining a positive perspective can empower us to navigate any situation. To sustain this positivity, an empathetic ear to listen to and understand every challenge is crucial, and I am here to provide that support"

— Divya Kalra - Career navigator


Divya Kalra, an experienced Career Navigator and Psychologist, exudes vibrancy and boundless energy. Her unique approach involves providing individualized attention in every session, allowing her to delve into the profound emotions and aspirations of her clients. She finds joy in unravelling the depths of human desires and emotions.

Passion and Expertise

She is deeply passionate about assisting individuals in forging authentic connections and gaining self-awareness. Her areas of expertise encompass career counselling, psychological counselling, grief therapy, group therapy, and family dynamics counselling.

Therapeutic technique

  • CBT
  • Grief counselling
  • Psychology
  • Group Therapy
  • Talk Therapy
  • Art Therapy


  • Career counselling-Loratis SetMyCareer
  • Grief counselling