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Ashish Pandey

Ashish Pandey

Career Navigator and Psychologist
Expertise:   career counselling, Family Counselling, Adolescent Counselling
Education:  BA Psychology, MA Psychology
Languages: English, Hindi
Experience: 7+ years of Experience


"I believe in living life to the fullest, and for that, self-identification is vital in one's personal life, career, and spiritual journey. To achieve this, dedicating time to counselling is an essential step towards self-discovery and fulfilment. "

— Ashish Pandey - Career navigator


Ashish Pandey is a seasoned psychologist with over seven years of extensive experience. His profound expertise encompasses a deep understanding of human behaviour and the profound influence of one's career on their overall quality of life. Ashish derives immense satisfaction from guiding individuals and teenagers in discovering their true vocations, which, in turn, contributes to enhanced mental well-being, career contentment, and holistic personal growth.

Passion and Expertise

Dr. Ashish is deeply passionate about delving into the realms of organizational psychology and career development, with a keen focus on unravelling how one's career is influenced and can be empowered through psychological well-being. His expertise lies in various areas, including psychotherapy, individual therapy, and guiding individuals towards achieving holistic well-being.

Therapeutic technique

  • CBT
  • Psychology
  • Talk Therapy


  • Career counselling-Loratis SetMyCareer
  • Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • How to conduct Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Solution Focused Behavioral Therapy