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Aendri Mishra

Senior Career Navigator RCI registered psychologist
Expertise:   Psychological counselling and Psychiatric counselling. Relationship Counselling/Premarital counselling- Compatibility assessment, Career counselling
Education:  BA Psychology, MA Psychology
Languages:  Hindi, English
Experience:  4+ years of experience


" Happiness is a choice, and it begins with taking responsibility for your mental health journey. I'm here to support every individual who dares to embrace this empowering responsibility. "

— Aendri Mishra - Career Navigator


Aendr Mishra is a compassionate, empathetic psychologist and career counsellor with four years of experience. Fluent in English and Hindi, she excels at creating a safe, non-judgmental space for clients. Her expertise in mental health and career guidance has made significant positive impacts on her clients' well-being and professional development.

Passion and Expertise

With a deep-rooted passion for career counselling and mental health, she has honed her expertise in CBT, psychotherapy, cognitive skills training, and cognitive hypnotic coaching. Her commitment to helping individuals navigate their professional paths and enhance their mental well-being shines through her dedicated approach, making her a valued resource in the field.

Therapeutic Techniques:

Aendri Mishra has expertise in:

  • Talk Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT