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Abhishek M

Senior Career Navigator
Expertise:   Career Counselling
Education:  BBA, MBA (HR & Marketing)
Languages: Hindi, English and Malayalam
Experience: 11+ years of experience


"Effective time management is the cornerstone for achieving success, building trust, nurturing love, and earning respect "

— Abhishek M - Senior Career Navigator


Abhishek M is a dynamic and well experienced career counsellor. He has 11 years of experience, his expertise comes in area business consulting and mentoring individuals, empowering them to take their career path towards new heights.

Passion and Expertise

Abhishek M is driven by a profound passion for career counselling. His expertise shines in guiding students and ambitious individuals towards discovering their true vocational journey. With a wealth of knowledge and a genuine commitment, he empowers them to make informed decisions and embark on the path best suited to their aspirations and potential.


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