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Talk to our expert and share your current work situation and career aspirations. Understand, how our process may help you in career growth. This is a diagnostic 2-way discussion to define what you are exactly looking for and how we can serve you. For any ‘research’ to begin, the challenge/problem should get ‘defined’ first, so that appropriate ‘tools & methodology’ can be applied to come up with ‘right alternatives’. This package is recommended for all, so that we ‘understand your career story’ and put things in perspective. But it is not just one way. You, too, should understand (a). how our process works, (b). how we must work together, and (c). what services (interventions) are needed to set your career on right/fast track for the long-term success & satisfaction

Remember, you are not just a body; you are ‘emotions, talent, passion, perceptions, dreams & aspiration’. Similarly, our service is not a physical product; it is ‘service, research, analysis & synthesis; tangible data analyzed with tacit knowledge & experience. It is the art & science of connecting the visible & invisible dots. So, some forward and express! Everyone who wants to understand how our process works, share the career challenges he/she is facing and/or define his/her requirement to set the right expectations.

Career Guidance for Working Professionals

Video Call


18% GST Included

Career Guidance for Working Professionals


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(a). The validity of this service is 30-days from the date of payment. (b). Candidates must share special issues/problems associated with personality / academics / industry, if any. (b). Payment is non-refundable.

What can we help you with?

Feel free to write to us. We usually respond within an hour!

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