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Your CV is your ‘representative’ in your absence. It tells a story of your career-journey. Your consistencies, achievements, your stability, and your brand. It portrays a clear or blurred picture about your potential. It is a fact-based data, presented in a professional way in an appropriate format with a career story built in it.

It is always tempting to copy somebody's Resume (expecially because we are not ready with ours most of the time), or request a friend to write one for you. But these are the last things you should really do. Think about it. Is your friend really you? Does your friend possess the expertise to design your Resume specifically to highlight your true talent and potential? And, most imporatantly, how can you be sure that your friend's Resume is itself correct one? Your resume capture your uniquenes and brings out the best in you. It's your marketing document that highlights your personality and expertise, focuses on your qualifications, key competencies, accomplishments and your contributions.

A professional Resume highlights you to the best of your abilities, achievements and skills in the context of contemporary recruitment practises and specific job requirements. It involves showcasing your real strenghts so that you stand out from the crowd of 'me too' Resumes. Recommended for those who want to create an impact on a recruiter or hiring manager through one’s career story aptly depicted in their CV. Also, for those who want to control the interview as per their CV.

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Applicable for :

All Work-experience Levels

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1 - 5 Years


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6 - 12 Years


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12+ Years


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(a). Every job-interview is aimed at a particular ‘job profile’. You need to be clear about the same before availing this service. (b). Since this service involves only 3 sessions, it does not include basic communication skills such as language, fluency, articulation, grammar etc. In that case 8-10 sessions are required for proper interview preparation. (c). The preparation does not include extremely technical questions on the subject matter like C, C++, Life Sciences, Law etc. But may include questions on marketing, HR or basic management areas. (d). Interview preparation requires a proper CV of the concerned candidate. The CV should be duly structured and focused as per the targeted job. This aspect is not be covered in the session.

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