Career Break? Restart the Right Way

Breaks are common in every walk of life and career is not an exception. Millions of people, worldwide, have created a big impact in the second inning of their career. The reasons for break among men and women might be different, however, the challenges are the same. You must utilize this opportunity to introspect on your educational background and past experience with a new perspective on ‘who am I’ and ‘what career is right for me’. Get yourself analyzed and discussed with our expert to begin with high confidence and commitment this time. Don’t allow random opinions and petty conveniences dictate your valuable career story.

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Was I Happy With My Past?

The school and college education that we pursue is not always a very well thought decision. The job may also not be very deliberately opted. In either case, look at your core strengths and areas of interest to figure out ‘what kind of work will keep you happy’ and ‘make you an expert’.

Am I Clear About My Future?

Break brings a lot of uncertainty and shakes our confidence. But there is no need to panic, as there are ample opportunities in a wide variety of fields. What you need is to find out your long term career options that will make your future meaningful, successful and satisfying.

How Do I Restart Now?

Once you understand your future course of action, the rest are just some operational steps that you need to get started on. You may be required to remake your CV, prepare for an interview and acquire some knowledge & skills. Finally, the industry needs hardworking and passionate people.

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Find Your Best Match

Right Job Content

Every job has certain unique characteristics that should match with your abilities and strengths. Any mismatch will affect the speed and perfection of your work.

Right Industry Sector

Every industry has some macro and micro environmental factors with which your work style should match. Any mismatch will lead to an unknown discomfort.

Right Organization Culture

The type of products, services that the organization is into, and the organizational values creates a unique culture. Your personality & values need to match with the same.

Right Knowledge & Skills

Each job has specific needs in terms of its technicalities, processes, methodologies and skills. You need to acquire all these; some on your own and some from your employer.

Good Interpersonal Skills

Every work environment has ‘people’ in it in the form of colleagues, bosses, subordinates, customers, vendors, etc. Without good interpersonal skills, one cannot grow faster & higher.

High Motivation & Hard Work

You may be happy doing a particular kind of work, but you will not grow if you do not travel the extra mile through high persistence, perfection and hardwork. Growth depends on this.

Restart Right and Shine Bright


A job is not just 8 hours of work everyday. It is an emotional and intellectual engagement from your end. This match creates a win-win partnership between you and your future. So, analyze and evaluate yourself through your real strengths and true passion. Self-motivated people start from ‘where they are’ and reach ‘where they want to be’.

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650 / Executive

  • 1 Session of 30 min
  • Intro Discussion
  • To Understand You
  • Set Expectations
  • Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations

Career Leadership

6,900 / Executive

  • 1 Session of 60 min
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 2 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • Detailed Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

Career Leadership

8,900 / Executive

  • 2 Sessions of 60 min Each
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 3 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • Individual Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

Career Leadership

12,900 / Executive

  • 2 Sessions of 60 min Each
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 3 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • Individual report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

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Other Services


Job Interview Skills

Create an impact in each round. Get trained conceptually & practically with mock sessions.


Professional CV

Tell your story to the employer to get calls for the right roles. Get right questions asked.


Discuss a Specific Career

Don't discuss your dreams with random people. Discuss it with an expert with an objective approach.


Additional Session(s)

The more you discuss about your career with the right person, the more you benefit. Avail additional session(s) if you have more things to share and know.


Disruptive Stage of Your Career


The industry is in a state of disruption just like your career. The ‘new normal’ is different from the old. This means the industry today has many job profiles which did not exist 10 years back. The characteristics of the labor force have also changed a lot. Take advantage of this situation and find the best fit for your profile in the fragmented industry where there is no advantage of the past experience. You can regain a lost time and opportunity by doing what is your cup of tea and ignoring what is not yours. The stakes are high for making wrong choices.

Your Career Success in Just 3 Simple Steps!

Our Methodology


Online Career Tests

  • Complete the Career Tests

    You can complete online tests at the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your time.
  • Download Your Reports

    Immediately download your career reports and understand the same through the explainer videos by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi.

Live Counselling Session(s)

  • Report Analysis

    Our career counsellor will analyse your data, understand your profile and get ready for the live interaction.
  • Report Discussion

    The career counsellor will explain your report, clear doubts and answer questions.

Career Recommendations

  • Job & Industry Options

    Get the specific job roles and domain options in the same industry sector as your past or outside the same that will make you grow faster in the career.
  • Areas of Development

    Get the areas of specific skills, knowledge, competence and personality that you need to develop to succeed in the chosen job and industry. Also, the right courses or education required.

Scientific Assessments

Get your true potential measured

You can benefit from the World-Class Career Tests used by millions of people worldwide in countries such as the USA, Canada, etc. The tests apply to all cultures as they are developed with international norms. Your career options should be the result of accurate data and not somebody’s opinion. This can be arrived at only when your passion and potential are rightly measured. So, benefit from our internationally acclaimed career tests developed by Dr. Douglas Jackson, whose tests are used even by NASA for the identification of Astronauts. Our test reports can change the course of your career towards big possibilities in terms of academic and professional success.

What they are saying about us


"Loratis Setmycareer helped me in breaking some myths and confusions I previously had about my own career path. I am a middle-class son stuck in the wrong career path by opting Engineering. Reasons being need for a stable job/technical knowledge. The tests helped me identify a lot of angles which should be considered while getting for a good job where I am an expert who is happy and successful. The counselling sessions were comprehensive and to the point. And finally, I thank Loratis for directing me towards a practical career path for the next immediate step. I would recommend it to anyone who feels lost and found themselves in the wrong profession. They can find a path where they can shine. "

Arundhathi Vellora Vayalapra

(Working Executive)

"Excellent place to get help on career transition. I was a confused, uninspired professional with 12 years of IT experience behind me. However, Career experts at Loratis helped me establish clarity over my career ambitions and identify which path would fit my personality. The assessments were very useful and those discussions were thought provoking and transforming. Keep up your good work, Loratis! "

Krishnamoorthy Kuppusamy

(Working Executive)

"I got the excellent experience with an awesome response. I am currently working in a IT industry from last 4 years, but never got the job satisfaction. Then, I visited Loratis Set my Career. My experience with the entire team is amazing. They have provided the assessments, and one to one great and powerful sessions on my behaviour and interests. I am extremely happy, sure, confident about my next 30 years and I am ready to fly high. :) I am thankful to the team for providing me an extraordinary experience. "

Rucha Dhok

(Working Executive)

"Hi i am charanraj rathod, i did my B.E in Biotechnology, M.Tech in chemical and working at IT company and was having a hard time there, i had lots of confusion regarding the career, i did a online search and got to know about loratis set my career, had two rounds of counselling session, which made me clear of doubts that i had, got to know mistakes i was making, got right suggestions regarding career development. "

Charanraj Rathod

(Working Executive)

"Everyone working here make you feel at home. They are extremely helpful and kind. Dr. Rathi is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced career guide who can solve complicated cases like mine. He understands your character and personality and accordingly gives you the career choices. He gave a clear picture of where I`m more likely to become successful and which direction I should head in order to reach there. Apart from that, he`s an amazing human being. Highly recommend him for anyone who`s planning to take a worthwhile career guidance."


(Working Executive)

"I got to know about Loratis from a friend of mine who recommended me to go to this place to find my career path. I am a working professional and I was realizing day by day that the current role/job what I am doing is not matching with my interests. I don't want to do a job for a living, rather it should reflect my personality and my interests. However approaching loratis was a right decision I have taken. Loratis has analysed my behavioral inclinations, competencies and interests and provided me clear insights about myself. They could provide clear instructions as well regarding the next steps. I am happy with the recommendations. Thanks once again."

Sourabh Mittal

(Working Executive)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our experts

Career break is a part and parcel of professional life, for various reasons. This is reflected in the CV as a gap and questioned in the interview. But there is no reason to worry, provided you start in the right direction. While looking for a job, you need to be very clear about the role you like to take up and the industry of your preferred interest. The same should be reflected in your CV and interview pitch.

We strongly recommend you to get into the right role in the right industry after your career break. This has to be a new beginning for you in the right direction. Basically, ‘new’ means the right one, and maybe different from the past. This should prove to be your long term career, that gives you success and satisfaction. We help you in identifying your right possibilities.

Career break is becoming quite common these days, and companies do call the candidates for the job interview when they need them to join immediately. During the interview, you need to specify the true and acceptable reason for break. But at the same time, a new confidence towards the role you applied for should be visible through the CV and your interview pitch. We work closely with the candidates to help them get closer to their dream job.

Taking online courses and pursuing higher education is considered by many as a fly by night option to bring their career on fast track. However, the course should correlate with your area of interest and long term career path, otherwise it is a waste of time, effort and money. A specific course to learn the required skills will definitely help. We recommend the right courses and areas of skill improvement based on the career options you can choose from your career recommendations.

Nowadays, companies are open to flexible working hours, allowing work from home or freelancing work. The continuity is, however, determined by the consistent performance of the work assigned to you. Companies feel confident about you when you are an expert of the subject matter. We exactly guide you on your subject matter expertise.

It is very obvious to lose confidence when you do not work for a long time. In fact, the longer the break, the lower the confidence. However, people who have clarity about their career and are good at it, do bounce back even after a long break. If the previous job was not ideally suited for you, then you may not like to start again in the same line of work. Whatever is the case, one should understand oneself completely and take a long term path for a more successful, satisfied and stable career. Our services have helped thousands of people restart their careers with a big bang.

Our process is based on a very scientific approach, similar to what multinational companies (MNCs) follow while recruiting the candidates. We assess your potential based on your talent and passion to recommend you the right career options. There is a qualitative as well as quantitative measurement of your profile, with a 360 degree approach to defining your long term career path.

Psychometric tests are nothing but a set of research-based tools, to measure the human potential, passion and behaviour in a very short duration of time. These are carefully designed questionnaires with due, validity and reliability to assess a person. By taking these tests, we can address every factor that will contribute to your job performance and satisfaction. This way, you will be able to understand yourself thoroughly and choose the right career options.

The discussion aims at explaining your profile, i.e. your personality, interests and competence. This will be followed by addressing your best fitting career options. You will be finally recommended for job roles and/or educational courses that will meet your long term career goals. Any doubts or questions you may have, will be clarified by the expert.

By assessing and determining the results of your psychometric assessments, the expert will provide you with a set of job roles and educational courses as per your strengths and preferences. You will also learn about the areas that you need to improve to fulfil your career aspirations.

Our guidance process offers specialized psychometric assessments of international standards developed by a world renowned psychologist, Dr. Douglas Jackson, established in the USA. Our experts have 10+ years of industry experience and are duly certified to interpret the psychometric test reports, to come up with right career options for you. The fee is determined accordingly, but certainly not with a motive for profit.

Your CV is your ‘representative’ in your absence. It tells a story of your career-journey. Your consistencies, achievements, your stability, and your brand. It portrays a clear picture about your potential. It is fact-based data, presented in a professional way in an appropriate format with a career story built in it. This way a good CV will help you attract the right employers and the right roles.

Getting selected in a job interview is the result of the impact that you create in each round of an interview. And each round might be with a different interviewer. You will be trained and made to practice through mock sessions. This will ultimately help you to face any job interview with confidence.

At present, setmycareer does not offer job placement services. However, what we offer is a systemized program to help you identify the right job, industry and courses that truly complement your passion, interests and talents to lead a successful and fulfilled life.

We offer these services to candidates who have availed our career guidance services and decided on a specific role as their long term career. As part of this service, our expert will explore and suggest different jobs and suggest to you the companies that you may apply to.