Entrepreneur in You? Discover It

To be an entrepreneur is a great idea for various reasons including wealth-creation. If you are really good at your job, and your employer is giving you more and more responsibility, then why can’t you be an entrepreneur for similar kinds of products & services? Top executives of fast growing companies literally work just like entrepreneurs. Depending on your personality and domain expertise, you may become an entrepreneur or a part of an entrepreneurial team. Many technical people (subject matter experts) with business acumen have also created big enterprises world-over.

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Do I Have ‘Business’ in Me?

There are numerous examples where a casually started activity or a job has turned out into big opportunities. Even a Montessori school teacher, a ticketing agent or a street vendor can create a big enterprise. It's all about identifying and expanding your passion into a big picture.

Which Industry is Right For Me?

You need to identify your uniqueness and connect all the dots, to see a big picture with which you can completely relate with a 360 degree perspective. Your work style and work interest defines the industry that is apt for you to be an entrepreneur. Finally, what you offer must be the best.

How Do I Get Started?

Starting a business cannot be looked at as a substitute for ‘more income’. In fact, it is the other way around, where you need to keep on investing your time, effort and money before you even think of reaping the benefits, if you have patience & vision. Consult our expert to define the same.

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Find Your Best Match

Right Job Content

Every job has certain unique characteristics that should match with your abilities and strengths. Any mismatch will affect the speed and perfection of your work.

Right Industry Sector

Every industry has some macro and micro environmental factors with which your work style should match. Any mismatch will lead to an unknown discomfort.

Right Organization Culture

The type of products, services that the organization is into, and the organizational values creates a unique culture. Your personality & values need to match with the same.

Right Knowledge & Skills

Each job has specific needs in terms of its technicalities, processes, methodologies and skills. You need to acquire all these; some on your own and some from your employer.

Good Interpersonal Skills

Every work environment has ‘people’ in it in the form of colleagues, bosses, subordinates, customers, vendors, etc. Without good interpersonal skills, one cannot grow faster & higher.

High Motivation & Hard Work

You may be happy doing a particular kind of work, but you will not grow if you do not travel the extra mile through high persistence, perfection and hardwork. Growth depends on this.

Why Not You?


Business is not about ‘buying and selling’ to generate income. It is about being the best so that customers feel the need and want to pay to buy. To create and sustain this kind of value, you need to own your products and services, emotionally and intellectually. Continuous problem solving and ongoing innovation is the name of the game. Find your true calling and ask yourself ‘if others can’, then, ‘why can’t I’.

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650 / Executive

  • 1 Session of 30 min
  • Intro Discussion
  • To Understand You
  • Set Expectations
  • Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations

Career Leadership

6,900 / Executive

  • 1 Session of 60 min
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 2 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • Detailed Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

Career Leadership

8,900 / Executive

  • 2 Sessions of 60 min Each
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 3 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • Individual Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

Career Leadership

12,900 / Executive

  • 2 Sessions of 60 min Each
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 3 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • Individual report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

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Other Services


Job Interview Skills

Create an impact in each round. Get trained conceptually & practically with mock sessions.


Professional CV

Tell your story to the employer to get calls for the right roles. Get right questions asked.


Discuss a Specific Career

Don't discuss your dreams with random people. Discuss it with an expert with an objective approach.


Additional Session(s)

The more you discuss about your career with the right person, the more you benefit. Avail additional session(s) if you have more things to share and know.


Stage of Self-Actualization


Entrepreneurship is not a straight line, but a roller-coaster and a sinusoidal curve. Due to technological and other environmental factors, disruption has become a way of life. As a business leader, you need to keep on solving the problems by maintaining your cool. And if you do this, then, you experience a state of self-actualization, wherein you feel your self-worth and your heart says ‘I can do what I want’. As a businessman, you wear multiple hats all the time and face situations wherein you need to change the context minute by minute.

Your Career Success in Just 3 Simple Steps!

Our Methodology


Online Career Tests

  • Complete the Career Tests

    You can complete online tests at the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your time.
  • Download Your Reports

    Immediately download your career reports and understand the same through the explainer videos by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi.

Live Counselling Session(s)

  • Report Analysis

    Our career counsellor will analyse your data, understand your profile and get ready for the live interaction.
  • Report Discussion

    The career counsellor will explain your report, clear doubts and answer questions.

Career Recommendations

  • Entrepreneurial Fitment

    Get to know your fitment to an entrepreneurial career. Also, the domains or industry sectors to pursue your own business. For ‘no fitment candidates’, specific job roles and domain options will be suggested.
  • Areas of Development

    Get the areas of specific skills, knowledge, competence and personality that you need to develop to succeed as an entrepreneur in a specific domain or industry.

Scientific Assessments

Get your true potential measured

You can benefit from the World-Class Career Tests used by millions of people worldwide in countries such as the USA, Canada, etc. The tests apply to all cultures as they are developed with international norms. Your career options should be the result of accurate data and not somebody’s opinion. This can be arrived at only when your passion and potential are rightly measured. So, benefit from our internationally acclaimed career tests developed by Dr. Douglas Jackson, whose tests are used even by NASA for the identification of Astronauts. Our test reports can change the course of your career towards big possibilities in terms of academic and professional success.

What they are saying about us


"Loratis Setmycareer helped me in breaking some myths and confusions I previously had about my own career path. I am a middle-class son stuck in the wrong career path by opting Engineering. Reasons being need for a stable job/technical knowledge. The tests helped me identify a lot of angles which should be considered while getting for a good job where I am an expert who is happy and successful. The counselling sessions were comprehensive and to the point. And finally, I thank Loratis for directing me towards a practical career path for the next immediate step. I would recommend it to anyone who feels lost and found themselves in the wrong profession. They can find a path where they can shine. "

Arundhathi Vellora Vayalapra

(Working Executive)

"Excellent place to get help on career transition. I was a confused, uninspired professional with 12 years of IT experience behind me. However, Career experts at Loratis helped me establish clarity over my career ambitions and identify which path would fit my personality. The assessments were very useful and those discussions were thought provoking and transforming. Keep up your good work, Loratis! "

Krishnamoorthy Kuppusamy

(Working Executive)

"I got the excellent experience with an awesome response. I am currently working in a IT industry from last 4 years, but never got the job satisfaction. Then, I visited Loratis Set my Career. My experience with the entire team is amazing. They have provided the assessments, and one to one great and powerful sessions on my behaviour and interests. I am extremely happy, sure, confident about my next 30 years and I am ready to fly high. :) I am thankful to the team for providing me an extraordinary experience. "

Rucha Dhok

(Working Executive)

"Hi i am charanraj rathod, i did my B.E in Biotechnology, M.Tech in chemical and working at IT company and was having a hard time there, i had lots of confusion regarding the career, i did a online search and got to know about loratis set my career, had two rounds of counselling session, which made me clear of doubts that i had, got to know mistakes i was making, got right suggestions regarding career development. "

Charanraj Rathod

(Working Executive)

"Everyone working here make you feel at home. They are extremely helpful and kind. Dr. Rathi is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced career guide who can solve complicated cases like mine. He understands your character and personality and accordingly gives you the career choices. He gave a clear picture of where I`m more likely to become successful and which direction I should head in order to reach there. Apart from that, he`s an amazing human being. Highly recommend him for anyone who`s planning to take a worthwhile career guidance."


(Working Executive)

"I got to know about Loratis from a friend of mine who recommended me to go to this place to find my career path. I am a working professional and I was realizing day by day that the current role/job what I am doing is not matching with my interests. I don't want to do a job for a living, rather it should reflect my personality and my interests. However approaching loratis was a right decision I have taken. Loratis has analysed my behavioral inclinations, competencies and interests and provided me clear insights about myself. They could provide clear instructions as well regarding the next steps. I am happy with the recommendations. Thanks once again."

Sourabh Mittal

(Working Executive)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our experts

Yes, certainly. Education or past work experience have nothing to do with one’s entrepreneurial possibilities. A successful entrepreneur requires good understanding of the respective domain, maturity of decision making and initiative & risk taking. Many executives working in high positions in large organizations might have high entrepreneurial skills, but they choose to succeed in a job-oriented career path.

Yes, absolutely. Our 360 degree evaluation of your passion and potential will give you a fair idea about the industry sector or functional area in which you can succeed as an entrepreneur.

Our approach is to first identify your potential and fitment to be an entrepreneur. If so, then we ponder on the right industry and product or service activities that will fit your profile. Once you decide to go ahead, we work with you to evolve the exact business activities and business model. Further, we help you establish your business till you reach the commercialization stage and start generating revenue. This service is broken into different phases and each phase is billed separately.

Ideally, a good businessman possesses a blend of planning and execution. During the planning work, he becomes an introvert while during execution he becomes an introvert. The need for being extroverted also depends on the type of business that one aspires to build. So finally, even an introverted person can also be a good businessman.

Every business and every person are unique in their own way with their own features. So if you meet the basic criteria to be an entrepreneur we identify the areas that you need to develop to minimize your day to day challenges. Sometimes we suggest you take charge of specific functional areas and refrain from the rest; which can be assigned to other team members or employees.

Our 360 degree quantitative and qualitative evaluation gives us a fair idea about your fitment to an entrepreneurial career. Different psychometric tests reconfirm your personality orientation to face the challenges of an entrepreneurial career. We do further probing about the factors that we are doubtful about to give you a clear cut picture of your long term career.

As an entrepreneur, you are at the helm of the affairs, responsible for everything. To succeed in such endeavour, one needs to be highly independent, confident and committed. It is all about making things happen till the company becomes profitable and continues to be so. This requires an expert measurement and interpretation of one’s profile, which a good career counsellor offers.