A value-for-money package that answers all your career doubts in 1 session of 60 mins. Recommended for those who want to understand the highlights of their profile and get answers to the questions pertaining to the right job options, higher education options and right industry options, as applicable.

Process involved
  • Make the payment

    Make secured online payment through our website. Fill a small form and submit.

  • Receive an all-in-one email

    1.Complete online assessments
    2.Download your reports
    3.Watch the explainer videos

  • Schedule a Counselling Session

    Our expert will discuss your profile highlights and career options.

  • Get a Recommendation Report

    The career counsellor will send you a career recommendation report with the career options by email.

  • Schedule a Follow-up Call

    For any doubt, schedule a follow up phone call with our expert within 30 days.

How you want to have the counselling?

Face to face counselling is available only in Bangalore, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mulund, Andheri, Panchkula, Chennai, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Trivandrum, Trichy, Jaipur, Madurai and Coorg

This pack includes:

Personality – 6 factors & 18 sub-factors relevant to career fitment.
Interest – 4 Patterns of passion on your academic, cultural and professional interests.

Generated as a result of your online assessment tests; you can download your 2-in-1 personality and interest profile report.

These are self-help videos by Dr. Rathi explaining each report in detail. This is to familiarize you with your report findings and get you ready for your career counselling session.

The career counsellor will highlight the uniqueness of your report data, and explain to you the career options that are right for you - academically and professionally. The session duration will be 60-min.

The career counsellor will finalize your career recommendations after the counselling session, and send it to you by an email.

This report will include:
  • Job roles that are right for you.
  • Options of higher studies, online courses, skill development, etc.
  • Options of entrance exams, as applicable
  • Areas of improvement that you may need.

After receiving your career recommendations report, you may have a short phone call with the counsellor to clarify the doubts, if any. The call duration will be 15-20 min.

Get access to our career bank listed with 290+ career outlines, mentioning the eligibility, top colleges, recruiting companies, etc.


(a). The discussion will focus on what kind of ‘entrepreneurial fitment & higher education options’ will be right for you. (b). Please understand your report-data with the help of explainer-videos and send your questions before the session to get maximum benefits. (c). You need to complete the entire process within 30-days of the date of payment. (d). The session will mainly be focused on conclusion part, and not much on ‘report interpretation’ part. (e). Additional paid session(s) (other than the included one), might be required for more complex cases involving neutral or diverse interests and/or personality, not aligned to interests. (f). No admission-assistance is part of this service. The service is mainly about business fitment and areas of specialization in higher studies. (g). Payment is non-refundable.