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Understand yourself thoroughly, and discuss your career options with Dr. Rathi over 2 sessions. He will explain your personality, ability, and interest reports during the 1st session. In the 2nd session, (on another day), he will conclude your right career options and future direction. The service is recommended for those who want thorough discussion on self-awareness, right career options, and areas of improvement based on ‘who you are’. Students having issues with their academics, or those having specific career interests such as acting, sports, music, civil services, IITs, medical, entrepreneurship etc. are strongly recommended to buy this service.

As a student, you spend thousands of hours in schools, coaching classes, and colleges. Similarly, you spend 1/3 of your life working in a job or profession. Right education and right work, therefore, are extremely important for long-term success and happiness. The service Includes options pertaining to right subjects, right stream, right degree, right job/profession, and the right industry to work for; also the areas that need improvement for smoother journey. The reports will describe 18 personality sub-factors, 30 job groups and 7 abilities, which are interpreted (explained) by Dr. Rathi. This will be followed by a concluding discussion with him on your career options. He will scientifically connect your top factors to arrive at the right career options, and a strategy to succeed.

preguidance process diagram
preguidance process diagram
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Students currently studying / completed their UG or PG

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Career Guidance for Working Professionals

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Career Guidance for Working Professionals


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(a). The 1st session will focus on ‘report explanation’, and 2nd session on ‘what kind of ‘subjects/education options/specialization and job options’ will be right for you. (b). You need to complete the entire process within 30-days of the date of payment. (c). Additional paid session(s), other than the included one(s), might be required for more complex student reports (where the interest and talents are not matching, or motivation-level is very low) if you/Dr. Rathi feels so. (d). No admission-assistance, or exhaustive information on colleges/courses from India/abroad is part of this service. The package is mainly about the suitable field of study and area/specialization or work that will be right for you for the long-term career growth. (g). Payment is non-refundable. (h). The Ability report is not applicable for ages 22 & above.

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preguidance process diagram

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