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When you are in graduate studies, then define your long-term career path - the right job, right industry and beyond. Prefer the right ‘job profile’ over the ‘right company’ and ‘higher salary’. If your bachelor’s study was not in the right field, then find the right courses, job profiles and higher study options. Remember, the job that is right for ‘others’, might not be right for you. You need to acquire the right kind of experience, and achieve great milestones in the same year-on-year. So, get started. Build a strong foundation for 35 years of managerial and leadership career.

Right Stream and Right Degree Matters


When you complete your graduate study, you may ask yourself one question, ‘whether you really enjoyed your subjects’ and ‘do you want to apply your knowledge in the job that you want to work in’. If the answer is ‘no’, then it is time to rectify your career path and take necessary steps such as online courses, skill enhancement programs, post-graduate studies or a different kind of job. The type of work you do for 4-7 years after your graduation matters a lot. Detailed analysis and rational discussion should be carried out with our expert before moving further.

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Know the Right Study Options

Get Admission to Top Universities

Enter the Right Job & Industry

Achieve Fast-track Growth

Get Better Job Offers

Compete with Confidence

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299 / student

  • 1 Session of 30 min
  • Intro Discussion
  • To Understand You
  • Set Expectations
  • Follow-up Calls
  • Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations

Career Success

3,990 / student

  • 1 Session of 60 min
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 2 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • 1 Follow-up Call
  • Detailed Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

Career Success

5,990 / student

  • 2 Sessions of 60 min Each
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 2 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • 1 Follow-up Call
  • Detailed Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

Career Success

10,900 / student

  • 2 Sessions of 60 min Each
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 2 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • 1 Follow-up Call
  • Detailed Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

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Other Services

Want to Discuss a Specific Career?

Discuss a particular career that you have in your mind with our expert. Know the eligibility, scope and prospects for the same.


Want to have an Additional Discussion Session?

Discuss more of your career options and other possibilities like higher studies, start-up initiatives, and much more.


Second Stage of Your Career


Since you have completed your school & college stage (academic foundation) and are ready to get started with the work experience, you must start with the first right step. The experience you gain, the knowledge you develop and the skills you acquire are going to build your professional foundation for managerial and leadership positions in the future. Any wrong choice made in the past with subjects and degree, can be rectified by joining a right job in the right industry, except where the eligibility conditions require specific academic background.

Your Career Success in Just 3 Simple Steps!

Our Methodology


Online Career Tests

  • Complete the Career Tests

    You can complete online tests at the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your time.
  • Download Your Reports

    Immediately download your 2-in-1 career report and understand the same through the explainer videos by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi.

Live Counselling Session(s)

  • Report Analysis

    Our career counsellor will analyse your data, understand your profile and get ready for the live interaction.
  • Report Discussion

    The career counsellor will explain your report, clear doubts and answer questions.

Career Recommendations

  • Higher Study Options

    Get your career recommendations report with the right higher education (post-graduation) and the right specialisation in the same.
  • Job & Industry Options

    Get the job roles and domain options that will make you successful and happy for your entire life.

Scientific Assessments


You can benefit from the World-Class Career Tests used by millions of people worldwide in countries such as the USA, Canada, etc. The tests apply to all cultures as they are developed with international norms. Your career options should be the result of accurate data and not somebody’s opinion. This can be arrived at only when your passion and potential are rightly measured. So, benefit from our internationally acclaimed career tests developed by Dr. Douglas Jackson, whose tests are used even by NASA for the identification of Astronauts. Our test reports can change the course of your career towards big possibilities in terms of academic and professional success.

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Client Speak

"I am a graduate. I pursued bcom and trying for CA FOR last few years. O was not getting success. I was doubtful why it was like that when I like my subjects and was working hard. After Loratis setmycareer service I have all the clarity about my future. "



" I`m Noorain Khan, doing my final year BSc in microbiology and biotechnology and just as most people, confused about what next? I was in a great dilemma about whether to go on with an MSc in life science field or an MBA and I eventually approached loratis for guidance. After the session I got a more clear insight into my own personality and what kind of jobs would really help me grow and reach my goals.It was a totally satisfactory session that has helped me get rid of a lot of confusions and also helped me draw an outline of what steps I need to take next. "

Noorain Khan


"I am basically from Kadapa district with an Engineering Degree in EE. I have no idea why I have selected this academic path, as in my place generally you will get to hear only two academic paths that is Engineering and Medicine. I think I gone with the flow without any idea where I am heading. My room mate suggested to approach Loratis for career guidance. After completing my career counseling session, I am feeling relaxed and now I got a right path where I can imagine myself working in it. Thank you. "



"I had completed BSc.(PCM) from St.Joseph's College of Arts and Science. After completing my degree i was unsure about my next step, so i did some research and came up with this solution, to attend a counselling session at #Setmycareer. The purpose of my visit is to get a clear cut idea about what i want to become? and What are steps that i have to take, so i can fulfil my dreams. So this session has help me a lot, because now i know, what will be my next step and how far i can go with that. Also now i had the idea about my strength as well as my weaknesses. i feel extremely comfortable while interacting through out the session. Thank you #Setmycareer. "

Tenzin Rinchok


"I am an MBBS graduate about to select his post graduation and specialisation. I actually was more interested in computer sciences than medical sciences but wasn`t sure what the right profession for me was. So I decided to consult Loratis institute of career management before I make my final decision in my course of career and discovered that I could integrate the two interests into a profession of my choice. Finally I was able to make a solid decision on my career path and start to work towards it instead of wondering if it was the right choice or not."

Siddarth Gondi


"I had a couple of sessions with Dr.Rathi, and his advice and feedback really helped me clear my confusion over my career options and what I should focus on studying in university. He has immense knowledge on across all subjects, and not only does he find suitable career options, they also take into account of how happy you will be. I would advise in taking his help in choosing your career."

Maanya Choudhary


Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our experts

Our process involves understanding you with a 360-degree perspective before recommending you the right career options. We gather data on your hobbies; interests, academic background etc. qualitatively, and assess your talent and passion through international level psychometric assessments (online tests). This is followed by video-based or face to face discussion with our expert. At the end, you get a career report with a recommendation report.

The total time expected from your end is 3 or 4 hours. There will be a set of career tests with duration of approximately 100 minutes which you need to complete from your home on computer. The next step is a counselling session with duration of 45-60 minutes with our expert over video or face to face. For some students, an additional session of similar duration is required depending upon the complexity of the case. The whole process can be finished within 3-4 days.

No. In order to recommend the right career path without any doubt, we need authentic data on your talent, behavior and interest. This is generated through our international level psychometric tests. Career guidance without such tests becomes ‘career advice’ which may be subjective and judgmental

We see such cases as very positive and high potential. Since you are enjoying the chosen degree subjects, your academic path seems right. Our career guidance process will help you with an appropriate specialization in higher education, or right kind of job in the right kind of industry to work in. This will get you faster career growth.

Our recommendations will be based on your talent and your area of interest. This is where you will grow and will be happy in the long term. You need to explain this to your parents with appropriate reasoning and data. If they still do not agree, you may schedule an additional session in the presence of you and your parents on video or face to face with our expert. We will understand their point of view and explain them what is right for you.

If your engineering degree is in the right discipline, you do not need higher technical qualifications to do related jobs in the industry. You may acquire more experience to build your foundation. Higher study is recommended if you are extremely academic and research oriented. However, if you have not enjoyed your degree course, then we need to look at your long term career and suggest you right post graduate studies, not limited to M.B.A.

Since you are restarting your career afresh, you need to look at the long term success and satisfaction in career along with good work life balance. We need to understand whether your degree is in sync with your job interest. If so, then we may suggest you appropriate courses. If not, then we need to suggest a transition to another career.

No. We neither practice this test, nor approve this technology. As per our observations DMIT is not a scientifically proven career guidance tool.

Yes, Certainly. If you have enjoyed your B.Com course, then one of the above might be right for you. Please note that CA/CFA is not the right option for all B. Coms’. However, we will get into more specifics to understand MBA specialization as well as other courses such as MA (Economics).

We are sorry to hear this, and advise you to choose the right long-term career path this time. Our process will identify the type of courses and kind of work that you will enjoy and become successful.

Yes, for sure. The bigger question is not studying abroad, rather what to study, that will help you build a solid career. We will identify the right academic and professional career path for you, so that your time, effort and money is justified.

Your interest looks very different from your graduate degree. But it is good that you realized that your unique passion. Before getting into such creativity- based career, you should understand other factors that are required to make a mark in this kind of work. We will help you figure out what kind of work will fit you the best in such areas.

Our process will assess your fitment and potential for civil services so that you either drop this option or continue the same with an alternative plan.

Unfortunately, we do not offer placement services, however we can assist you with a professional CV, interview skills and job search guidance.

Yes, we do. With our scientific approach, we will understand your entrepreneurial capabilities and the domain of industry. Based on this, we can help you with preparing a business plan and running a pilot project.

Yes, of course. We will assess and discuss about your talent and passion to figure out right industry and right role that you will be successful and happy in.

Once we understand you better through our scientific process, we will understand your potential for business or for job-oriented careers. We also need to look into the type of family business and its scope to give you a long-term career path.