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Some students/parents may need extensive discussion on the reports and/or career options on account of unique or complex pattern of their personality and/or interest. In some cases, a student/parents have some career in mind, and they want more discussion to explore the fitment with such options. An additional session is required in such cases as the time allotted as per the standard package might not be sufficient.

Recommended for those who want to share, discuss, and know more so that all doubts are cleared beyond usual discussion. Required when (a). a students’ and/or their parents’ intellectual curiosity is high, (b). they want to discuss the career options at micro-level, (c) there is a complex pattern of personality, interest in the reports, and the data is not in sync with each other, and/or (d). a student/parents want to discuss entrepreneurial and/or specific study options. These kinds of sessions require more analysis, study, and qualitative interaction with our expert.

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An additional discussion session of 60 mins.


(a). The above fee includes discussion only, and not psychometric assessments (career tests) and interpretation etc. (b). The scope of discussion will be around the career reports and the recommendations made. (c). It is advisable to send your questions in advance for the expert to do the necessary analysis. (d). Payment is non-refundable.