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8th-10th Grade Students

When you are in the 8th to 10th grade, then it is the time to understand yourself thoroughly and define your long-term career path - right subjects, right stream, right degree, right specialization, branch and beyond. In 11th and 12th grade, you need to put in almost 3200 hours of study to get an admission to the right college and in the right course/branch. So, think beyond the conventional careers, because what is right for others, might not be right for you.

Right Stream and Right Degree Matters


Whether you are from state board, CBSE board or IGCSE board, selection of right subjects in the 9th grade or selection of right stream after 10th grade is very important. Subjects of your real interest will make you feel confident and curious. These subjects also need to be connected to your higher education. This will build the right foundation for your longterm career.

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Excel in Studies

Get Higher Rank & Marks

Get Admission to Top Colleges

Feel Motivated to Study Hard

Target Right Job & Industry

Compete with Confidence

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299 / student

  • 1 Session of 30 min
  • Intro Discussion
  • To Understand You
  • Set Expectations
  • Follow-up Calls
  • Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations

Career Success

3,990 / student

  • 1 Session of 60 min
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 3 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • 1 Follow-up Call
  • Detailed Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

Career Success

5,990 / student

  • 2 Sessions of 60 min Each
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 3 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • 1 Follow-up Call
  • Detailed Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

Career Success

10,900 / student

  • 2 Sessions of 60 min Each
  • Career Options Discussion
  • 3 Career Tests & Reports
  • Career Recommendations
  • 1 Follow-up Call
  • Detailed Report Discussion
  • Sessions by Dr. Rathi

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Other Services


Want to Discuss a Specific Career?

Discuss a particular career that you have in your mind with our expert. Know the eligibility, scope and prospects for the same.


Want to have an Additional Discussion Session?

Discuss more of your career options and other possibilities like higher studies, start-up initiatives, and much more.


First Stage of Your Career


If you want to make your future successful, happy and meaningful, then this is the point where it all starts. You are a teenager, who will come across serious stuff like ‘don’t waste your time’, ‘concentrate on studies’, ‘stop your hobby classes’ and ‘what you want to become in life’. You will start getting emails from hundreds of coaching classes and tutoring platforms. Students from ICSE/IGCSE/IB boards are also required to choose subjects from specific groups. This is the stage before you enter the first and critical stage of your career. In this stage you decide the right subjects and the right stream to build the foundation for your graduate studies and beyond.

Your Career Success in Just 3 Simple Steps!

Our Methodology


Online Career Tests

  • Complete the Career Tests

    You can complete online tests at the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your time.
  • Download Your Reports

    Immediately download your 3-in-1 career report and understand the same through the explainer videos by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi.

Live Counselling Session(s)

  • Report Analysis

    Our career counsellor will analyse your data, understand your profile and get ready for the live interaction.
  • Report Discussion

    The career counsellor will explain your report, clear doubts and answer questions.

Career Recommendations

  • Stream & Degree Options

    Get your career recommendations report with the right stream, right degree and right specialization.
  • Long-term Professional Options

    Get the job roles and domain options that will make you successful and happy for your entire life.

Scientific Assessments


You can benefit from the World-Class Career Tests used by millions of people worldwide in countries such as the USA, Canada, etc. The tests apply to all cultures as they are developed with international norms. Your career options should be the result of accurate data and not somebody’s opinion. This can be arrived at only when your passion and potential are rightly measured. So, benefit from our internationally acclaimed career tests developed by Dr. Douglas Jackson, whose tests are used even by NASA for the identification of Astronauts. Our test reports can change the course of your career towards big possibilities in terms of academic and professional success.

What they are saying about us

Client Speak

"Was really helpful to me as a student; and would definitely suggest others who have doubts regarding their career. It clarified my dilemma of whether to be a doctor like my parents are, or to pursue what is meant for me."

Theo Joseph


"The atmosphere is filled with positivity here! The people are warm and welcoming and extremely caring who genuinely want to serve their clients. I was in a muddle before coming here, but eventually obtained a crystal clear picture of my future. I recommend Loratis to every individual out there who needs help with clarity in his/her future options. Thanks a lot, Dr. Rathi! You've been very supportive! And thanks a lot Geetha ma'am for your love and support."



"My daughter was completely blank in her career path. She being a topper to college in Science stream, never had a clarity as what to do next. Approaching Loratis Setmycareer was a right decision we made. It's been an awesome experience with their scientific process of helping my daughter to know about her and what academic path she can opt to reach to her career path through their career counselling. I highly recommend this place for everyone. "



"Detailed analysis was provided about various aspects of my personality and it was a near mirror reflection of my interests and abilities. I feel it's a good thing I came here because the counselling was done using a very scientific and tested procedure. I recommend it to everyone who is unsure about what to pursue for a fulfilling future. "

Arun Kumar


"I was very confused with my stream selection and how to go ahead after that. The support from my parents and Loratis was very good and helpful for me to take a strong decision. The physiologist in Loratis did an excellent job to map myself and my interests. Now I am confident how to go ahead. Thanks to Loratis and my parents for all their support. "



" I am based in the UK and had recently contacted Loratis Set my career to help my son to find out his career options. The overall experience was fantastic during the various stages of the program. I am pleased to share that most of the results from the assessments are inline with our expectations. further more, the Counsellor not only helped my son to understand his true potential and passion but also helped him to understand the right career path. I would highly recommend Loratis to all who need help in career guidance. Thank you Loratis !!! "



" Great experience with Loratis. I approached them for counselling for my son's career. I found the entire process very helpful and provide my son with the various options he should look for. Their international standards psychometric tests and detailed analysis about career was very helpful and accurate. Parents should definitely look to take opportunity to explore the interests of their child before opting for any career path. After this program, my views regarding what I think my son should do are changed and got an opportunity to review his career options along with his capabilities and interests. I would highly recommend Loratis program. "

Santosh R


Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our experts

This is an important decision as your child can’t miss on the right subjects, keeping in mind her/his long-term career. You need to help them choose the subjects that build their foundation for the right degree education followed by the right kind of job/career. The right choice for them need to be found based on her/his interest and talent.

No. Once we assess your child’s talent, passion and personality, and define their long-term career path, you need to help them choose and follow one of the recommended options which includes stream, degree, specialization and job/career options. However, we recommend that you visit us once in a year to discuss how your child is doing in her/his studies and extracurricular activities to achieve their long-term goals.

Study is important but please remember that some children are academic and some non-academic. The non-academic ones, are not going to like books and lectures. Some don’t even like writing. This need not be a cause of worry if the child is otherwise passionate and serious about certain other activities. Parents need to encourage such children in their extracurricular efforts and observe their pattern of interest and talent. Many non-academic people succeed in their career on the account of their other qualities.

This situation can be good as well as bad. Good if your child’s talent and passion is inline with her/his dream career. However, if the dream career is the result of influence, glamour, money etc. then your need to help her/him come out of it and give a realistic picture of his dream career. Our services address this issue very scientifically and sensitively.

Our process tries to understand your child from 360-degree perspective – qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The process involves structured discussion and psychometric testing. The quality of the tests is the key factor apart from scientific discussion in our process. Our results have been fairly appreciated by our clients over the last 10 years. They are enjoying their career and have referred many of their friends to us. The accuracy of our results can be experienced during the counselling discussion itself, when you strongly relate the traits of your child with the findings in our reports. The scientific basis of our international standard tests, leaves no stone unturned in understanding the right career path for your child.

There are many reasons for low levels of confidence among children. However, if the reasons are relating to studies or marks, then it can be rectified through our process. Our process will help the child understand her/his power and related possibilities. The hope and optimism generated at the end of our process, will start building his confidence level.

Residential schools are not recommended for all kinds of children. We look at emotional and extracurricular orientation of the child, apart from other factors to decide on the same.

No. We neither practice this test, nor approve this technology. As per our observations DMIT is not a scientifically proven career guidance tool.

The best career is the one that utilizes the talent of your child as per her/his interests to create bigger possibilities. The child should achieve great success and experience high satisfaction in their career.

Our process is designed to suit anybody from any location. The career tests are online, and the links for the same are sent through an email. There is no need to come to our office for the assessments. Even the counselling session can be effectively taken through audio/video call from the comfort of your home. There is no compromise on our quality and content either from our office or from a remote location.

Children become matured in terms of their personality and exposure by the age of 12. They are in a position to understand and answer the psychometric tests at this age. This is also an appropriate age to make the right choices. We offer our services starting from the age of 13. In case of ICSE students, we recommend 12 years as they need to select the subjects in the 9th Std.

Becoming an IAS officer requires your child to be a graduate. The career cannot be separated between a graduate degree and competitive exams-oriented careers. There has to be an integrated approach to the career and not in pieces. There has to be a back-up plan as well if one is preparing for civil services. We need to take a lot of factors into account for careers like these.

Traditionally we’ve been looking at engineering, law, medical and accounting as safe, secured and respectable careers. However, people with passion for the above areas succeed equally if they pursue the right kind of education followed by the right kind of experience. Today the world is consuming high volume of digital content which involves the above interests. It is better to be the best at what you enjoy rather than being an average in what you don’t.

These careers are based on body-mind coordination related talent. We consider our career test reports and the achievements of the child so far in these areas to conclude on such careers. We look at various qualitative indicators apart from our quantitative measurements.

We have many success stories over the last 10 years of our presence. We get regular feedback from children who are enjoying their studies or doing very well in their job. Few of the client success stories are uploaded on our YouTube channel.

Yes, we will. Every school board has a unique pattern of study. Based on the child’s academic and extracurricular orientation, we recommend the appropriate board.