This service is a long-duration assistance from deciding the right career options till admission to a right college & course. You can consult us multiple times to discuss about colleges, courses, application process, last date, subject options, placement scenario etc. till the admission is done. The maximum engagement period is 1-academic year.

In case you and your family want to have a one-shot end-to-end process and involvement of Dr. Rathi, you may opt for this. To know more about Dr. Rathi click here. All the steps in this process are same as our Advance Plan (D), except that (a). Dr Rathi will talk to the parents over phone or video (b). Dr. Rathi himself will be involved in this process, and (c). Personality Assessment (test) for parents may also be administer, if they are ready for the same. After completion of the assessments (tests), Dr Rathi will meet you and your family at any location that you arrange such as hotel, your home or a business centre. The place should have a TV or a Projector to connect the laptop. He will discuss the main report, the career options report, the long-term picture, real-life cases that address your weaknesses or motivate you to do well, parenting advice/warnings, and other Dos and Don'ts. This will be a continuous ½ day activity (almost 4 hours) in a semi-formal setting.


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(a). The above fee includes initial talk with the expert to understand your admission-related goals & requirements. The fee for the actual guidance (program) will be provided after this discussion. (b). Payment is non-refundable.

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